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    Description of the academic program and the study plan for the scientific branches

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library dep.

Year Publisher Author Book Name NO
1979 Scientfic Supper Catalogy Germany Kohp,Karl Scientfic Supples catlog for research rendusering 801
1986 London:Maculer Groot,J.S The high Processare Sodium Lamp 802
1995 London:Mosby Fix,John>d Astronamy Journey to the Cosmic Frontier 803
1989 New york:UCH Schrader,Bernard Ramen Infrared Atlas of Organic components 804
1980 London:Butterwalts Smallman,R.E Modern Physical Metallurgy 805
1983 London:World Scientfic  Domokos< G Lattic John theories Supersymmetry and grand uniftation 806
1983 Canda im pl Harper,Dorothy Eye in the Sky introduction 807
1975 Boston:Allyanand Bacon Marrison,R.T Study Guide to Orgunic Chemistry 808
1982 Basel:Verlay Chemie Bremser Wolfgange Chemical Shift Ranges in Garbon 809
1987 New York:mae mallan Eatwell,John The New palgrave A Dictionary of Economics 810
1974 London :Helen Hemjang BENTON , William The New Encyclopaedia Britannica 811
2000 Prentice Hall Strong , A . Brent PLASTICS-Materials and Processing 812
1981 New York :Plenum Press Borisova , Z.v. GLASSY Semiconductors 813
1989 New York Tsvetkov , V.N. Rigid -Chain Polymers 814
1973 Oxford:Pergamon Press Neubert , Gunter Technical Dictionary of Hydraulics and Pneumatics 815
1988 New York:John Wiley, Minkowycz , W . J Handbook of Numerical Heat Transfer 816
1973 New York :McGraw Hill Hamming , R-W Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers 817
1988 Germany:VCH Sibilia , John .P A Guide to Materials Characterization and Chemical Analysis 818
1969 Oxford:Pergammon Press Wladimir , rer.nat Technical Dictionary of high Polymers 819
1981 Moscow:Mir Puplisher Beknzarov , Artavaz Perepechko,I.I An Introduction to Polymer Physics 820
1987 Great Britain:VNU Martuscelli , E New Polymeric Materials 821
1987 New York and London:Conultants Bureau Bessonov , M . J. POLYIMIDES-Thermally Stable Polymere 822
1984 New York : Springer -Verlag Albers , Donald J New Directions in Two-Year College Mathematics  823
1986 New York,North Holland Mujica , Jorge Complex Analysis,Functional Analysis and Approximation Theory  824
1986 New York,Marcel Dekker Migliore , Leonard LASER MATERIALS PROCESSING 825
1983 England:NORTH OXFORD ACADEMIC Lanckau , Eberhard Complex Analysis:methods,trends and applications ,  826
1963 New York:The MACMILLAN COMPANY Thewlis,J Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Physics 827
1987 USA:VNU Science Press Seymour,R.b History of POLYMERIC COMPOSITES 828
1984 Great Britain:Edward Arnold Hartmann-Petersen.P Dictionary of Science 829
1989 New Delhi,KHANNA Jain,K.C. Production Planning Control and Industrial Management 830
1962 LONDON:Addison -Wesley  Morrey,Charles.B UNIVERSITY CALCULUS with Analytic Geometry 831
1986 Hong Kong:macmillan education  Hirst,D.M. MATHEMATICS for chemists 832
1984 London : Prentice Hall Joseph,mathai A multiprocessor operating system 833
1987 America,Brooks Fox,William .P MATHEMATICAL MODELING WITH MINITAB 834
1979 Moscow,Mir Publishers Vilenkin,N.Ya. Method of Successive Approximations 835
1982 North Holland:N.HC Rosa,Alexander Annals of Discrete Mathematics - 12 836
1988 New York:John Wiley Frolicher,Alfred LINEAR SPACES AND DIFFERENTIATION THEORY 837
1972 London:Addison- Wesley, Kuo,Shan.s. COMPUTER APPLICATIONS of NUMERICAL METHODS 838
1983 London:World Scientific YUAN ,WANG GOLDBACH CONJECTURE 839
1981 New York:McGraw-Hill Parker,Sybil P. McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of ENERGY 840
1985 Germany:VCH Hummel,Dieter O. Atlas of Polymer and Plastics Analysis 841
1975 Oxford:Pergammon Press Pamplin,Brian R Crystal Growth 842
1985 Moscow:Mir Publishers Mishchenko,A.S Problems in Differential Geometry and Topology  843
1981 Moscow:Mir Publishers Modenov,P.S. Problems in Geometry 844
1984 JAPAN:World Scientific Kawakami,Hiroshi The Theory of Dynamical Systems and Its Applications to Nonlinear Problems 845
1988 New York:Plenum Press Ortega,James M Introduction to Parallel and Vector Solution of Linear Systems 846
1951 OXFORD:The Clarendon Press Jaeger,J.C An Introduction to Applied Mathematics 847
1980 New Delhi:Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Deo,S.G Ordinary differential equations and stability theory 848
1967 London:Pergammon Press Soare,Mircea Application of Finite Difference Equations to Shell Analysis 849
1973 New York :John Wiley Lambert,J.D Computational Methods in Ordinary Differential Equations 850
1963 New York:Pergammon Press Plumpton,C Sixth Form Pure Mathematics Vol-Two 851
1985 New York:Pergammon Press Rosen,Robert Anticipatory Systems 852
1976 New York:McGraw- Hill Strauss,Howard .J Handbook for Chemical Technicians 853
1984 Jordan:DAR IBN ROSHID Shah,Shujaat Ali COBOL PROGRAMMING 854
1984 JORDAN:Dar Ibn Roshd Shah,Shujaat Ali Cobol Programming 855
1980 London:PRENTICE HALL Henderson,Peter Functional Programming- Application and Implementation 856
1977 Great Britain:Publishing Limited Horowitz,Ellis Fundamentals of Data Structures 857
1982 London:PRENTICE Hall Goldschlager,L. Computer Science A Modern Introduction 858
1981 London:Prentice Hall Tennent,R.D Principles of Programming Languages 859
1981 London:Prentice Hall Reynolds,John.C. The Craft of Programming 860
1985 London:Prentice Hall Johnston,Howard Learning to Program 861
1984 America:Prentice Hall Tanenbaum,Andrew S Structured Computer Organizartion 862
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1984 New Jersey:Prentice Hall Mano,M.Morris Digital Design 864
1985 Oxford:Pergammon Press Reid,S.R Metal Forming and Impact Mechanics 865
1988 Oxford:Pergammon Press Deraedt,G Methods of abating residual formaldehyde in industrial resins 866
1983 Oxford:Pergamon Press Allsop,D.F Pressure Diecasting Part 2 867
1981 Oxford:Pergamon Press Henley,V.F Anodic Oxidation of Aluminium and its alloys -Materials engineering practice 868
1988 Oxford:Pergamon Press King,R.G SurfaceTreatment and Finishing of Aluminium 869
1994 NEW YORK:John Wiley Nelson,L.Kim Bioprocess Engineering:SYSTEMS,EQUIPMENT AND FACILTIES. 870
1987 NEW YORK:John Wiley Mackenzie,Donald.R Ultrastructure Processing of advanced Ceramic 872
1986 Moscow:Mir Publishers Tsypkin,A.G Methods of Solving Problems in High-School Mathematics  873
1969 Japan:University of Tokyo Press Spencer,D.C Global Analysis 874
1979 Moscow:Mir Publishers Uvarov,E Quantitative Analysis 875
1985 New York:World scientific Osaki,Shunji Stochastic System-Reliability Modeling 876
1976 New York:Springer-Verlag Williams,John.H Design and Implementation of Programming Languages 877
1981 New York:John Wiley Millington , D. Systems Analysis and Design for Computer Applications 878
1980 Canada:Prentice -Hall Kindred,Alton R Data Systems and Management 879
1986 America:Astm Perket,Cary L Quality Control in remedial site investigation 880
1984 London:Prentice Hall Limited,Inmos occam Programming manual 881
1986 America:Prentice Hall Agrawal,Brij.N Design of Geosynchronous Spacecraft 882
1982 New- York : Mcgraw-hill Johannessen,Jan Vincents Diagnostic Electron Microscopy 883
1986 London:North Oxford Academic Pages,Alain System Reliability:Evaluatin and Prediction in Engineering 884
1988 New-York:Adam Hilger Hockney,R.W Computer Simulation Using Particles 885
1988 New- York:VCH Dechema, Corrosion handbook -vol 2 886
1983 London:Prentice -Hall Jackson,M.A. System Development 887
1984 London:Prentice Hall Elder,John Construction of Data Processing Software 888
1983 New-York:John Wiley Nashelsky,Louis Introduction to Digital Technology 889
1984 London:McGraw Hill Pressman,Roger .S Software engineering 890
1983 Atlanta:John Wiley Institute of Industrial Engineering Industrial Engineering Terminology 891
1985 New-York:John Wiley Tabler,Donna N IBMOS Assembler Language arithmetic operations 892
1988 London:NCC Publications Patterson,Brian Computer-related Mathematics and Statistics 893
1977 London:newnes-butterworths Fry,T.F Further computer application 894
1985 London:Prentice Hall Hoare,C.A. Mathematical logic and Programming languages 895
1982 London:Prentice-Hall Bjorner,Dines Formal Specification and Software Development 896
1985 New York:John Wiley Green,William .R Computer-Aided Data Analysis 897
1983 Hong Kong:Macmillan Press Srinath,L.S Linear Programming-Principles and Applications 898
1984 New Jersey;Prentice Hall Pratt,Terrence w. Programming Languages.Design and Implementation 899
1982 italy:World Scientific Alberi,G Applications of Physics to Medicine and Biology 900

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