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    Description of the academic program and the study plan for the scientific branches

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      Alumni   Click hear  For graduates of previous years in postgraduate studies from 1978 to 2012  year Doctorate Master Bachelor 2012     2011     2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002   2001    

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    Projects of graduates of undergraduate studies of applied sciences Department 

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              Lectures of Mathematics and Computer Applications Branch   Lectures of Physics Branch   Lectures of Biology Branch   Lectures of Laser Branch   Lectures of Material Branch   Lectures of Chemistry Branch

library dep.

Year Publisher Author Book Name NO
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1995 Great Britain:S.NSSP Frame ,D Fundamental Forces 407
2003 NewyorkMcGraw hill Koppen,Van General Chemistry Labroratory Manual 408
2005 Ganda:Thomson Garrett,ReginaldH Biochemistry 3rded 409
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1999 London:Jones Johnson,Awilliam Invitation to Organic chemistry 411
2000 London:MayField Tarner.H.Lynn Introducing Communication Theory 412
2003 America:john wiley Kuo,Benjamin.C Automatic Control Systems 413
1932 Newyork:McGraw Hill Clark,Georgel.L Applied XRays 414
1981 America:Astem Waste Testing Hazarodous and industrial Solid 415
  Newyork:General Electric Research Labortary Beam,C.P Magnetic Properties of thun Films 416
1980 Hong kong:meoled Morris,Noel.M Electrical Circuiteal Systems 417
2000 Newyork:McGraw Hill David .J.Spiceland Intermediate Accounting 418
1984 Lincoln:the University of nebras Fuller Harold.Q Physics with Human application 419
1987 England Harvard University press  Cartmill,Matt Human Structure 420
2004 Newyork Pearson Education Christian,Wolfgang Phystel Physics 421
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1986 London :Comberide University press HarihaRan,P Optical holography 423
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    Gupta.P.K Operation Research 428
1985 Japan:World Scientific Akiyama,J Number Theorey and Combinatorics 429
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1987 Newyork:Plenum Press Dhez,P Physics Fabrication and Applications of mwltillayered Structures 436
2001 America:Prentic Hall Elayn Matrin _Gay Student Solution Manual Lavel Technology Services begining interduction  437
1991 newyork :McGraw Hill Dowling ,Edword Mathmatics for economats Suhaws service 438
1999 Germeny:Trans Tech pub Niihara,K The Science of Engineering Cermis 439
1984 LondonKegan pal Gowan,b.p Classical mechanic 440
2001 newjercy:Plantic hall Martin-Gay.K Begining intermediate Algebra 441
1996 newyork mcgraw hill Dugoploski Mark intermediate Algebra 442
1978 newyork:Springer Verlag Santilli,Ruggero Maria Foundations of Theortical mechanics 443
1988 Oxford:Pergamon press Nakayama,Y Visualiz flow Fluid motion in basic and engineering Situations revelated Flow Visulization 444
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1988 USA:Adam Hilger Cross .Rodney A Introduction to Alfven Waves 456
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1987 Poceedings August Kenway.R.d Computational Physics 458
2000 Technology Solonenko,O.P Thermal Plasma Torchnologies 459
1983 Germoney Bennett,Harold.T Laser Induced Damage InOptical Materials 460
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1987 Newjersey:World Scientific Tosi,MP International Journaly of Modren Physics 462
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1992 Newyork:John Wiley Kernell,Rebort .L Physics2nd 464
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1978 New york:Verlay Chemie Iyengar ,GV The elemental Composition of Human Tissues and Body Fluids 481
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1989 Newyork:Cambridge University Press Davies,A.C The Science and Practice of Welding9th 486
1988 London:Iop London:Iop Electromagnetic Inspection 487
1986 Oxford:Pergamon Press Maskall,K,A Vitreous Enamilling A Guide To Modren Enamelling Practice 488
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1983 Spectro Scopy to ChemistryNato:Boston Eisenthal ,K.B Applications of Picosecond 494
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    Devine,Roderick.A The Physics and Technology of Amorphons Sio2 497
1980 Newyork:Marcel Cronin Jane Differential Equations 498
1982 Oxford:Pergamon Press Veziroglu,Tnejat Metal_ Hydrogen Systems 499
1984 North-Holland Amsterdam Agranovich,V.M Modern Problems in Condensed Matter Sciences 500

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