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library dep.

Year Publisher Author Book Name NO
1974 Newyork : Pergamon Press Suchet,Jacques Paul Electrical Conduction Solid Materials 501
1988 Bristol:Adem Hilger Petley,B.W The Fundamental Physical Constants and The Frontier 502
1983 Oxford:Pergamon Press Perrin,Douglas.D Stability Constants Metal -Ion Complexes:Part B 503
1985 Newyork:Plenum Press Baldassare Di Bartolo SpectroScopy of Solid- State Laser-Type Meterials 504
1984 McGraw Hill:London Papoulis,Athanasios Probability random rariables 505
1983 McGraw Hill:London Kurtz,Norman.R Introduction To Social Statics 506
1983 Chapman and Hall : London Newyork Chatfield,Christopher Statistics for Technology 507
1962 Newyork:Mc Graw Hill Streeter,Victor.L Fluid Mechanics 508
1959 Jaspan,n.y Wlly Sasieni,Maurice Operations research Methods and Problems 509
1984 London:Macmallan Education Plumptor Core Books in Advanced Mathmatics Proof 510
1965 Newyork:Academic Press Kingslake .Rudolf Appired Optical engineering 511
1988 London:Macmillan education Beynon,J Work out Waves and Optics 512
1987 Great Britan:Top Sproston,J.L Electrostatic Damage in the Electronics Industry 513
1982 McGraw Hill : London Elgerd,Olle Electric energy Systems 514
1983 American :AmericanSociety Talmi,Yair Multichannel Image Detectors 515
1987 London:Macwillan educations Williams .B.W Power Electronics Drivers and Application 516
1982 McGraw Hill:London Braun,Rebort Introducation Chemical 517
1967 Newyork:McGraw Hill Millman,Jacab Electronic Devices and Circuits 518
1983 Auckland Bogota:McGraw Hill Sze.Sm VLSI Technology 519
1986 NewDelhi :McGraw Hill Morris,Noel Industrial Electronics 520
1979 Mosow:Mirpublishers Nagaev,E.L Physics of Magnetic Semiconductors 521
1982 Newyork:John Wilg Beiser,Leo Holographic Scanning 522
1984 NewYork:Plenumm Press Grubir,H.L The Physics of Submicrown Structures 523
1980 Newyork:Pregramon Press Lucovsky,Garland The Physics of Mos insulators 524
1984 giveraro:World Scientific Rautuszkiewicz,j Physics of Magentic Materials 525
1987 US:IP.C.S Christon.A Callium Arsenide and Releted Compounds 526
1968 Oxford:Pergamon Press Washizn,Kyulchiro Variational Methods in Elasticity and Plasticity 527
1986 Oxford : Pergamon Press Niku Lari A Advances in Surface treatment TechnologyApplications Effects 528
1468 London:Allyn and Beam Ohanian Hans.C Classical Electro Dynamics 529
1987 London:Macmallan W Yatt,Clair.L Radiometric system Design 530
1983 Oxford:Pergamon press Knight,P.L Concepts of Quantum Optics 531
1985 USA:World Scientific Choppin,G.R Actinide Lanthanide Scparations 532
1966 Newyork:Van Nostrand reason Hold Fitchen,Franklin Tranistor Circuit Analysis and Design 533
1975 Newyork:Academic Press Bleuler,E Electronic Methods 534
1975 NewYork:Plenum Press Bald Assare Di Bartolo Spectrscopy of the Excited State 535
1974 Newyork Washizu,Kyuichiro Variational Methods in Elasticity 536
1974 Hongkon:World Murray Bondtock,John Success in Chemistry 537
1988 Newyork:Advision of Alphip Gordon,J.E The Science of Structures and Materials 538
1973 Oxford : Pergamon Press Kovacs,J Dislocations and Plastics Detromation 539
1981 NewYork:Plenum press Binh,Vu Thien Surface Mobilityes on Solid Materials 540
1973 Oxford:Pergamon Press Reid,C.N Deformation Geometry for Materials Scientist 541
1987 Utrecht:VNU Science press Emanuel ,N.M Chemical Physics of Polymer Degrachation and Stablization 542
1988 London:Iop Short Mettering no   Electromanetic inspection Meterials and testing Group 543
1982 Oxford:Pergamon press Osgood,Car Fatiqu design 544
1974 NewYork:Pergamon press Rosenthal,Daniel Resistance and deformation of Solid Media 545
1988 Newyork : Pergamon Press Tyson,W.R Fracture Mechanics 546
1979 NewYork:Plenum Press Lorsen,David.C Thermal Conductivity 547
1985 Newyork:John,Wiley Tsang,Laung Theory of Microwave remote Sensing 548
1976 McGraw Hill Metz,R Clyde Physical Chemistry 549
1953 Hougkong:Longman Vogel , I Arthur Macro and Semimcro Qualitative in or Ganic analysis 550
1988 New york:VCH Hargittai- Istvan Sterechemical Applications of Gas- Phase Electron Diffraction 551
1988 Newyork:VCH Busch,Kenneth,L Mass Spectrometry 552
1979 Newyork : Pergamon Press Silver man.Joseph Advances in Raadiation Processing 553
1953 London : Longman Vocel,Arthur I Macro and Semimicro Qualitative Inorganic Analysis 554
1980 Newyork:Academic press Bondybey VE Radiation less Transitions 555
1979 Oxford:Pergamon press Haasen,P Strength of Metal and Alloys 556
1985 NewYork : Plenum press Keinath,Steven.E order in the amorphone State of Polymers 557
1986 Oxford:Pergamon press Lansalown A.R Meterials to resit Wear Aquide to theier Selection as 558
1987   Harding .B Testing of Metalic and Inorganic Coating 559
1987 USA:Applied Physics Williams.W.Terry International Conference on Phenomene in Ionized Gases 560
1988 Newyork:Plenum Press Helms,C,Robert The Physics and Chemistry of Sio2 and the Si-Sro 561
1987 New york:Plenum Press Plate,N.A Comb- Shaped Polymers and Liquid Grystals  562
1965 Newyork:McGraw Hill Book Company Alvarez,E Introduction to electron Device 563
1981 Oxford:Pergamon press Whittaker,Ej W Crystallo Graphy for Mineralogish 564
1958 London:Consulatas Buream Girargizor.E.J Growth Grystal 565
2004 Canda:Thomson Mcmurry,John Introduction Student Orgaic Chemistry 566
1986 London:Mawall Parkins.A.W An Introduction to Organtic Chemistry 567
1974 Newyork:Plenum Press Ander,Jean Marie Electronic Structure of Polymers and Molecular Crystals 568
1986 Newyork:Preutice Halk Dryburgh,Pder.M Advanced Crystal Growth 569
1979 Newyork:Pergamon Press Batch,Lojose Advance in Liquide Crystal Research and application 570
1982 New york:JohnWiley Graham,T.W Fundamentals of Orgamic Chemistry 571
1972 Newyork:Applied Century Nyces ,William.H An Introduction to Colleg Chemistry 572
1983 America:Astm Baruhart,Pollock Corrison of Metals under Thermal insulation 573
1972 London : W.A Bengaming Sienko,M.S Chemistry problems 574
1973 Oxford Pergamon press Aylett,B.S The Chemistry of Zinc,Cadmium and mercury 575
1983 McGraw hill:Auckland Barrow,Gordon.M Physical Chemistry for The life 576
1989 Newyork:John wiley Merifield,Richard.E Topological Methods in Chemistry 577
1969 London:W.A Bengaming Adamson,Arthur.W Understanding Physical Chemistry 578
1971 Newyork:D.Vannostand Comp. Merritt,Willard Instrumental Method of Analysis 579
1988 New York:VCH Sibilia,John A quide to Materials Characterization and Chamical Analysis 580
1971 Us:nation Aeronantics Lowrence.m.Richard Chemistry 581
1956 American:Applied Elasearch Harvey,Charles.E Spectrochemical Procedure 582
1976 American:Princeton universty press Sinal,Ya.G Introduction to Ergodic Theory 583
1976 London:Adword Arnold Carter.GW.AGrawut Ion Implantation of Semi Conductors 584
1984 London:Hill-McGraw Sienko,Michell.J Experimental Chemistry 585
1983 London : Mecrallan Havill,R.L. Elements of electronics for physical Scientists 586
1996 New york:McGraw hill Maki,DanielP Finite Mathmatics Fourth 587
1988 Oxford:Pergamon press Gibson , Lorna Cellular Solids Structure Properties 588
2001 New York:Mc Graw Hill Bennett,Albert Mathmatics for elementery teachers 589
1986 New York:Pergamon Zanarini,Gianni Introduction to the Physics of Complex Systems 590
1975 Oxford:Pergamon Press Emsley,J.W NMR Spectroscopy Using Liquid Crystal Solvents 591
1982 Newyork : Springer- Verglag Dnestrovski,Y.N Numerical Simulation of Plasmas 592
1987 Oxford Pergamon Press Yan,M.G Mechanical behavour of Meterials 593
1987 America:Astm Gupta,Langer Emerging Semiconuctor technology 594
1986 USA:Pergamon press Haasen,P Amorphous Metals and Somiconductor 595
1979 New York:Plenu,press S.Bratos Vibrational Spectrscopy of Moleculer liquids and solids 596
1981 Oxford:Pergamon press Jubd,A.M Fast Breader Reators 597
1962 New Jersy:Wo;d Rao,C.N Chemical and Structureal a spect of high temperature 598
1988 Newyork:Academic press Bube,Richard.H Electrons in Solids An introductory Survey 599
2002 New York:McGraw hill Hayt,William Energineering Circuit Analysis 600

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