The Department of foundation


The Department of Applied Sciences was established in 1976 and it is an extension of the Department of Materials that was originally existed. Among the tasks of the department is to teach the subjects of mathematics and physics in addition to the relevant subjects at the other Engineering departments at the university and also the acceptance of students who hold a bachelor’s degree in physics to obtain a master’s degree in applied physics, which began in 1977-1978. This process has been the first in this scientific institution to give such degrees in two stages which are the Higher education diploma for a calendar year and a master’s degree for students who achieve a rate of 70% in the courses of higher diploma and upon the recommendation of the supervisor of the higher diploma and the department council.

The first study in applied mathematics was opened in 1985 and one year later a study in applied physics was opened for the graduate students to obtain a Bachelor of Science in its specialization and this process continued until the department reached six scientific branches namely; Applied physics, Applied mathematics, Laser physics, Materials science, Biotechnology and Applied chemistry. Each branch has its own structure, beginning with the head of the branch, the branch council, and the working committees.


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