The Department of foundation

The department was founded in 1976 . It was originally established as a department that had committed to give courses in mathematics , physics and other related subjects in most of the engineering departments of the university of technology . 
In 1977 – 1978 the department has opened postgraduate studies for high diploma ( two years period ) and M.Sc. (two years for B.Sc. holders and one year for diploma holders ) degrees . In 1985 applied mathematics branch was established . One year later , it was followed by the establishment of the applied physics branch . 
Currently the department consists of six scientific branches namely , applied physics , applied mathematics , Laser physics , material science ,bio – chemistry technology and applied chemistry . The administrative structure of each branch is as follows :
branch head , branch board , and branch committees .

  Patented 1- Prof. Dr. Raid Abdel Wahab Ismail (University of Technology / Applied
          Ahmed jassim Muklive Al-ogaidi [ Candidate of The University of Technology -

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