vision,mission and objectives



To be a creative, pioneering and effective department among other scientific colleges nationally and internationally in the field of applied sciences.


  The department message

The department is aiming to prepare a scientific staff with distinct educational level consistent with national and international standards through conducting research and studies and providing consultations to the local and regional community.



  • Preparing staff with the basics of scientific, social and technical knowledge capable of analytical and creative thinking.
  • Permanent development of specialized programs which benefit local development programs and the needs of society.
  • Focusing on applied scientific research to play a fundamental role in solving community problems and supporting researchers and the requirements of scientific research.
  • Supporting postgraduate students in various departments of the college and encouraging the development of studies with specializations to meet the college’s need and keep track with global scientific and technical development.
  • Follow-up with college graduates and sustain evaluation of their performance in community service after graduation and develop future plans to develop and expand the community participation circle.


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