vision,mission and objectives

The Vision:

The college is to be creative, pioneer, and active among Iraq, region, and world scientific colleges in the field of Applied Sciences.

 The Mission:

Qualifying scientific cadres with high level of distinguished teaching qualification in conformity with the national and international quality and accreditation standards, through the implementation of studies, research works, and consultations that serve the university and local regional and communities.


 The Goals:

• Qualifying practiced scientific cadres which are provided with the bases of technical, social and scientific knowledge capable of creative and analytical thinking.
• Continuous development of undergraduate curriculums that suit local development programs and community demands.
• Focusing on applied scientific research work to play an essential role in solving the community problems and uphold researchers and scientific research requirements.
• Supporting postgraduate studies for all college's departments and encouraging the creation of studies of certain specialities to fill up the college demands and to keep pace with the international technological and scientific development.
• Continuous development of the college administrative, technical and academic staff abilities.
• Performance evaluation of the college graduates in serving the community and putting down future plans for extending the community participation.


  Patented 1- Prof. Dr. Raid Abdel Wahab Ismail (University of Technology / Applied
          Ahmed jassim Muklive Al-ogaidi [ Candidate of The University of Technology -

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