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    Description of the academic program and the study plan for the scientific branches

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library dep.

Year Publisher Author Book Name NO
1979 New York:C.U.P Westerberg,A.W Process Flowsheeting 1001
1973 New York:pergamon Press Kosten,Leedert Stochastic Theory of Service Systems 1002
2002 America:John Wiley James,G.Speight Handbook of Petroleum Product Analysis 1003
1999 New York:McGraw Hill Schuler Charles A Electronics-Principles and Applications 1004
1975 New York:Pergamon Press Dreyfus,Bertrand Generation,Compilation,Evaluation and Dissemination of Data 1005
2000 USA:ASTM   Annual Book of ASTM Standards 2000-Section 8 Plastics 1006
1984 New York:Pergamon Press Szokolay,S.V Solar World Congress 1007
1975 New York:Pergamon Press Nemat,Nasser,S Mechanics today,Vol.2,1972 1008
1986 New York:Springer-Verlag McHale,David Probability and Statistics-Vol I-II 1009
1997 New York:American Institute of physics Zoppi,Marco Spectral Line Shapes Vol-9 1010
2004 London:Addison-wesley Date,C.J An introduction to Database Systems 1011
1958 New York:Dover Publisher Macmillan,William Duncan The Theory of the Potential 1012
1988 New York:John Wiley Lee,Reuben Electronic Transformers and Circuits 1013
1969 London:Institute of Metals Hume,William Rothery The Structure of Metals and Alloys 1014
2000 London:Prentice Hall Dahnoun,Naim DSP Implementation using the Tm 5320 C6000 TM DSP Platform 1015
1980 New York:Academic Press Ash,E.A Scanned Image Microscopy 1016
1976 New York:John Wiley Kingery .W .D Introduction to Ceramics 1017
1998 America:Prentice Hall McCarthy,Linda Intranet Security- Stories from the trenches 1018
1977 Oxford:Pergamon Press Chirgwin,Brian.H A Course of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists-Vol4 1019
1984 London:Prentice Hall Lew,Art. Computer Science:A Mathematical Introduction 1020
1985 London:Butterworths Peapell,P.N BASIC materials studies 1021
1977 USA:Penguin book Graham ,John The Penguin Dictionary of Computers 1022
1982 New York:PBI a Petrocell Freedman,Roy S Programming Concepts with the ADA Language 1023
1987 Moscow:Mir Publisher Mitnik,Yu Programming and Algorithmic Languages 1024
1985 ENGLAND:Addison-Wesley Peterson,James L Operating System Concepts 1025
1982 LONDON:Prentice Hall Dromey,R,G\ How to solve it by computer 1026
1985 New York:John Wiley Shirai,Yoshiak Artificial Intelligence 1027
1989 GERMANY:VCH Billet,Reinhard Evaporation Technology 1028
1979 London:Charles Griffin Wells,Gordon Traffic Engineering an Introduction 1029
1986 New York:Plenum Press Lal,Joginder Advances in Elastomers and Rubber Elasticity 1030
1984 San Diego:Academic Press Hartnett,James P Advances in Heat Transfer 1031
1973 New Jersey:University of Tokyo Moser,Jurgen Annals of Mathematics Studies-Number 77 1032
1970 Germany:Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Moos,Lother Number Systems 1033
1969 New York:John Wiley Siegel,C.L Topics in Complex Functions Theory 1034
1982 Oxford:Pergamon Press Hall,David Solar World Forum.Vol-3 1035
1985 New York:Springer -Verlag Pfanzagi,J Lecture notes in statistics 1036
1987 Delhi:KHANNA Publishers RAI.G.D Solar Energy utilization 1037
1980 London:Butternorth Scientific Jensen,J Energy Storage 1038
1977 New York:Pergammon Press Messel,H Solar energy 1039
1982 Oxford:Pergamon Press Hinnawi,Essam Nuclear energy and the environment 1040
1987 Moscow:Mir Publishers Aleksanova,Irene Ordinary Differential Equations 1041
1982 Oxford:Pergamon Press Hall,David O Solar World Forum-Vol.1-Vol.2 -Vol.3 1042
2004 America:Prentice Hall Hearn,Donald Computer Graphics with OpenGL 1043
1988 New York:Addison Wesley Ellis,Steven K How to survive a training assignment:A practical guide for the new ,part-time or temporary trainer 1044
1988 Bristol:Adam Hilger Horne,D,F Measuring Systems and Transducers for Indnstrial Applications 1045
2004 New York:Prentice Hall Stallings,William International Edition :Data and Computer Communications 1046
1983 London:mcGraw- Hill Hodges,David.A. Analysis and Design of Digital Integrated Circuits 1047
1954 New York:mcGraw-Hill Daugherry,R.L Fluid Mechanics with Engineering Applications 1048
1986 New York:John wiley Brezis,H Semigroups,theory and applications 1049
1979 New York:Pergamon Press Baden,Fuller.A.J Microwaves 1050
1983 New York:mcGraw Hill Joseph,A Electric Circuits,Schaums outline 1051
1962 London:mcGraw Hill Lapidus,Leon Digital Computation for Chemical Engineers 1052
1988 London:Macmillan edu. Hart,Mary Guide to Analysis 1053
1983 Hong Kong:Macmillan Goult,R.J Applicable Mathematics;A course for Scientists 1054
1990 New York:Addison wesley Girard,Andre Routing and Dimensioning in Circuit-Switched Network 1055
1975 New York:Pergamon Press Napolitano,Luigi.G Space Activity Impact on Science 1056
1988 New York:John Wiley Chatterjee,Samprit Sensitivity Analysis in Linear Regression 1057
1988 New York:mcGraw Hill Gottfried,Byron.S Programming with BASIC 1058
2001 New York:mcGraw Hill Saladin,Kenneth.S Clinical Applications Manual to accompany Anatomy and Physiology,The unity of form and function 1059
2001 New York:mcGraw Hill Bennett,Albert .B Mathematics for Elementary Teachers 1060
1995 London:mcGraw Hill Elsheikh,Ahmed An Introduction to Drawing for Civil Engineers 1061
2003 Canada:John Wiley Hodges,Elaine R The Guild Handbook of Scientific Illustration 1062
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1976 New Jersey:Princeton University Press Griffiths,Phillips.A Entire Holomorphic Mappings in one and Several Complex Variables 1064
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1968 Oxford:Pergamon Press Ormandy,P.G An Introduction to metallurgical Laboratory Techniques 1066
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1988 Bristol:Adam Hilger Smital ,Jaroslav On Functions and Functional Equations 1068
1988 New Delhi:Laxmi Publications Sharma,S.D Comprehensive Differential Equations 1069
1979 New York:Academic Press Luhman,Thomas Metallurgy of Superconductive Materials 1070
1981 New York:North Holland Berge.C. Combinatorial Mathematics 1071
1988 New York:North Holland Calude,Cristian Theories of Computational Complexity 1072
1967 New York:mcGraw Hill Hughes,W.F Fluid Dynamics 1073
1982 Oxford:Pergamon Press Ashworth,V Ion Implantation into Metals 1074
1990 Mosul:Mosul University Fahady,Kubais S Probability 1075
1984 London:Macmillan Merrick,D Coal Combustion and Conversion Technology 1076
1984 New York:Pergamon Press Christophorou,L.G Gaseous Dielectrics-IV 1077
1981 Singapore :World Scientific Konuma,M. Grand Unified Theories and Related Topics 1078
1988 America:Astm Donaldson,Barry New Stone Technology Design and Construction for Exterior Wall System 1079
1986 Boston:Academic Publisher Betz,W High Temperature Alloys for Gas Turbines and other applications-Part-1 1080
1982 Race Street:Astm Publication A Symposium Sponsored by Astm, Compression Testing of Homogeneous Materials and Composites 1081
1989 Germany:Friedr Vieweg Schlogi,Friedrich Probability and Heat -Fundamentals of Thermostatistics 1082
1983 New York:Springer Verlag Thomas,John.B Introduction to Random Processes 1083
1986 London:Prentice Hill Niblack,Wayne An Introduction to Digital Image Processing 1084
1984 London:Macmillan Press Simonson,J.R Computing Methods in Solar Heating Design 1085
1974 New York:mcGraw Hill Bennett,C.OJ.E.Myers Momentum ,Heat and Mass Transfer 1086
1977 New York:Pergamon Press McVeigh,J.C Sun Power an introduction to the applications of Solar Energy 1087
1996 London:IRWIN Bertoline,Gary.R Fundamentals of Graphics Communications 1088
1986 New York:Springer Verlag Hurwitz.Adolf Lectures on Number Theory 1089
1983 London:Cambridge University Press Livesley,R.K Finite Elements:An Introduction for Engineers 1090
1972 Oxford:Pergamon Press Blyth,Thomas Scott Residuation Theory 1091
1991 New York:Cambridge University Chamberlain,A.C Radioactive Aerosols 1092
1983 New York:North Holland Ihara,Y Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics,Vol.1 Vol.2 1093
2003 New York:mcGraw Hill Zumberge,James H Physical Geology 1094
2004 New York:Cambridge Smith,John E. Biotechnology 1095
1976 New Delhi:Prentice Hall Kapila,I.P Introduction to Mechanics of Solids 1096
1986 America:American Society for Testing Isom,Billy,G Rationale for Sampling and Interpretation of Ecological Data 1097
1980 Oxford:Pergamon Press Radhakrishna,S Science,Technology and Global Problems 1098
1985 New York:Cambridge University Press McEliece,Robert J Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications 1099
1983 London:mcGraw Hill Salton,Gerard Introduction to Modern Information 1100


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