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    Description of the academic program and the study plan for the scientific branches

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library dep.

Year Publisher Author Book Name NO
1984 New York : Macmillan Publishing Company Kolman , Bernaurd Introduction Linear Algebra with applications 601
1985 World:America Van,Vlack Elements of meterials Science and engineering 602
1988 New York:Nova S.Hendzel Quantum Mechanics and Statistical Methods 603
1986 Moscow Mir Publishers Sadgeev,R.Z Non Linear Phenomene in Plasma Physics and Hydro dynamics 604
1978 America:John wiley Brady,James General Chemistry:Principles and Structure 605
1989 Newyork : Plenum press Starzak,Michaele Mathematical Methods in Chemistry and Physics 606
1973 Newyork:Pergamon Sykes.J.B The Logical Analysis of Quantum Mechanics 607
1983 McGraw Hill:London Milton,J.Susan Statistical Methods in The biological 608
1985 Oxford:Pergamon Press Shay,S.L Ternary cholo pyrite Semiconductor Growth 609
1988 New York:Pergamon press D.D.Perin Purification of Laboratory Chemicals 610
1973 New York:Pergamon Press Houston,Texas Proceedings of the Fourth Lunar Science Conference  611
2001 New York:Marcel Dekker INC Gary,Jemes .H\ Petroleum Refining technology and Economics 612
1980 Australia:Styleset E.M.Goodger Alternative Fuels Chemical Energy Resources 613
1985 USA:World Scientific  B.Buti Advances in Space Plasma Physics 614
1978 Newyork:John Wiley Fenerbacher.B Photomemission and the Electronic Properties of Surfaces 615
1985 USA.: Springer- Verlag Keller.H.B Finite elements Methods in Linear Ideal Magnetohydro dynamics 616
1980 Newyork:Springer Verlage Escen Felder.A.H Magnetic Bubble Technology 617
1988 Birstol:Aden Hilger Pik,E.R Photon and Quantum Fluctuations 618
  London:John wiely Arguimber Lawernce Baker Vacuum -Tube Circuit and Transistor 619
1987 American:O.S.A Optical,S.A. Topical Meating on Semiconductor Laser 620
2000 Germany Wiley- VCH Eisenbrand,Gerthard Carcinogenic and Anticarcinogenic Factors in food 621
  Newyork:Plenum Ferrier ,J.Games X- Ray Spectrscopy in Atomic and Solid State physics 622
1975 New York:Pergramon Press Martin,Martin.C Elements of Classical Physics 623
  Newyork:Academic Press Vossen , John.L Thin film Processes 624
1980 London:HongKong Verity,Enid Colour Observed 625
1975 Moscow:Mirpublishers Pinsky.A.A Fundamebtals of Physics 626
1987 London:Macmillan education Keighey,HSP Mastering Physics 627
1959 London:Longmans Tolansky ,S Introduction to atomic Physics 628
1967 London:Addison Willey B.D.Cullity Elements of X- Ray Differaction 629
1980 London:McGraw Hill Conte ,S.D Elemantary Numerical Analysis An Algorithmic Approach 630
1967 Newyork:Dover Puplications Mccrum.N.G Anelastic and Dielectric Effects in Polymeric Solids 631
1997 Boston:Jones and Bartlett Pub Fox,Marge Anne Organic Chemistry 632
2001 Newyork:McGraw Hill Donald A.Neamen Electronic Circuit Analysis And design 633
2001 Newyork:McGraw hill Rohde,Ulrich Communications Receivers 634
1962 New York:John Wiley Kinsler,Lowrence.E Fundamentals of Acoustics 635
1985 USA:IUpac Subommtte Timmerans .C.J 7Th International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry 636
2004 Newyork:Mcgrawhill Rizzoni,Giorgio Principles and applications of electrical engineering  637
2003 Newyork:McGraw hill Sinha Anil Kumar Physical Metallurgy hand book 638
1982 London:McGraw hill Probstein,Ronald.F Synthets Fuels 639
1984 Delhi:CBS Bhattachakya,C.K University Practical Physics 640
1996 Chicago Irwin Kany.Max.Miny Principles and applications of optical Communications 641
1985 Philade world Scientific Streit L : Editor Mathmatics + Physics 642
2003 Newyork:McGraw Hill Holtzapple,Mark.T Mathmatics Supplement to accompany foundations of engineering 643
1997 America:John Wiley David Halliday Fundamentals of Physics 644
1990 Newyork:McGraw Hill Roger David.F Mathmatical elements for computer Graphics 645
1999 America:John Wiley Leveens Octave Chemical Reaction Engineering 646
2002 London:Prentice Hall Red,David Student Study Guide with Selected Solution Physics 647
1972 Oxford:Pergamon Press Tcy tovich,VIv An Introduction to the theory of Plasma Turbulence 648
1977 London:W.B Saunders Masterton,Wi;iam.L Chemical Principles 649
1981 London : Macmillan Geddes.S.M Advanced Physics 650
2001 Newyork:McGraw Hill Tillery,Bill,W Integrated Science 651
1997 Newyork:W.H.Freem Randell,David Animal Physiolog Mechanism and Adaptations 652
2002 New York:McGraw HIll Hibbrad.M.J Mineralogy Ageologists Ponit of View 653
1981 Pergamon Bata.Lajos Advances in Liquid Crystal Reserch and Applications 654
1989 Newyork:Plenum Press Hasek,J X-Ray and Neutron Structure Analysis in Materials Science 655
1982 Newyork:John willey Conolly.B.W Applicable Mathmatics of Non- Physical Phemona 656
2003 Newyork:McGraw hill Leach,James,A Autocad2002 Companion 657
2002 Newyork:McGraw Hill Prothero,Donald,R Evolution of the earth 658
1970 London:Addison Byron.W Mathematics of classical And Quantum Physics 659
1988 newyork:John Wiley Elsen berg,M.Judah Quantum Mechanics of Many Degrees of freedom 660
1988 newyork:cambridge Naber.L.Gregory Specetime and singularities 661
1976 New jersy:Princton Wightman,A.S Studies Mathmatical Physics 662
1974 Newyork:Pergamon Press Damany,Nicole Vacuum Ultraviolet radiation Physics 663
1999 New Jersy Prentic Hall Kruse,Rebert.L Data Structures and Program design C++ 664
1997 Newyork:Glencoe Marrelli,Richard.S Atext Work book Geometric Tolerancing 665
1987 American:chemical Soiety Harper James.M.E American Vacuum Society Series 666
1980 Newyork:John Wiley Bard,Allen Electro chamical methods 667
1979 Newyork:Mcoorw Hill Lapibous Digital Computional for chamical engineering series 668
2001 Newyork:Marcel Penker Gary,James,L Petrolenm Refining technology and econmics 669
1984 Newyork:North Holand White,Arthur.I Graphs Groups and surface 670
1987 New york:Mova Science Kamor,A Group theory Graviation and elements Pratice Physics 671
1983 Newyork:Combrides university Press Paterson A.R A first Course in Fluid dynamics 672
1978 Newyork:Marcel dakkar Fairweathe,Grame Finite element Calerkin methods for differntion equation 673
1982 Newyork:John Wiley Gallaghe,R.H Finite in Biomechanics 674
1928 Londen:Printed Greet Britan M.Chapple.M Alevel Physics Vol3 Electricity and Modern Physics 675
1976 Newyork:Plnum press Schwart Z.Brian.B Superconductor Applications Squids and Machines 676
1990 Newyork:Addison Welsly Andre Girad Routing and dimensioning in Circuit- Switched networks 677
2005 Mexico:Thomson Zill,Dennis.Q A first Course in Differental Equations 678
1994 Newyork:Haper Collines Hewitt,Paul.G Conceptual Physical Science 679
1985 Moscow:Mirpublishers Borovik,A.S Low Temperature Physics 680
1986 Moscow:Mir Publisher Sagdeev,R.Z Non_ Linear Phenomena in Plasma Physics and Hydro dynamics 681
1985 Newyork:Optimization Duboviststing,V.A The Ulam Problem of Optimotion of Line Scgmenta 682
1984 New Delhi:Tota Mcgraw Kill Kuriacose,J.C Chemistry engineering and Technology 683
1968 Newyork:Reinhold book Mortimer.Charies.E Chemistry A Conceptual Approach 684
1988 Newyork:John Wiley Henrici,Peter Applied and Computational Complex Analysis 685
1987 Newyork:John Wiley Sheldon,MRoss Introduction to Probability and Statistics for engineering and scientist 686
1980 Newyork:Programon Press Chirgwin,B.H A course of Mathmatics for engineering and Science 687
1983 Newyork:John Wiley Conover,W,J A modern Approach to Statistics 688
1985 Newyork:Optimzation Evtushenk,Yurij.G Numerical Optimization Techniques 689
1987 New Delhi:S Chand Narayan,Shanti Engineering Mathmatics 690
1980 London:McGraw Hill Conte,S.D Elementry Numerical Analysis 691
1988 Newyork:John Wiley Beate,E.M.L Introduction to Optimization 692
1988 US:Adam Hilger Burnay,S.O Application of thermal Imaging 693
1980 Newyork:Combride university Maunder,C.R.F Algebric Topology 694
1970 Newyork:Pergramon Press Levinson AA Procedings of the ApolloII Lunar Science Conferense 695
1987 Calfornia:Brooks Pubp Welmer,Richards Applied elementry Statistics 696
1980 Plennum :Newyork Ladd,M .F.C Theory and Practice of direct 697
1986 Newyork:VCH Komoroski,Richard.A High resolution NMR Spectroscopy of Syntuetic Polymers 698
1987 America:VCH Thayer< John S Organometallic Chemistry An over view 699
1989 London:Macmallcan Kemp,William Organic Spectroscopy 700


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