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    Description of the academic program and the study plan for the scientific branches

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library dep.

Year Publisher Author Book Name NO
1984 Newyork:Plenumm Press Ishida Hastma Fourier Transform infrared Characterization of Polymer 701
1982 Oxford:Programobn Press Bely,V.A Friction and wear in Polymer Based Materials 702
1981 New york:John Wiley Silversttien , Robert.M Spectromtric identification of Organic Compounds 703
1981 Newyork:John Wiley Temperley ,H.n Graph theory and Applications 704
1984 Nai Sark Khanna Publisher Nag,P.K Statisticakl and irreversible thermodynamics 705
1966 Reading Addision Wesley Protter,Murray.H Analytic Geomtry 706
1975 Oxford:Pergramon Press Malhier,Jp Optics 707
1981 Newyork:North Holland Segal,Sanford Nine Introductions in Complex Analysis 708
1982 Newyork:Sander Geley Skooog ,Douglas Fundamentals of analytical Chemistry 709
1987 New York:Plenum Press Vere,A.W Crystal Growth 710
1988 Bristol:Adam Hilger Benn,I.M An Introduction to Spinors and Geometry with application in Physics 711
1980 New York:Sohnewekwely Thompson,G.H.B Physics of Semiconductor Laser Devices 712
1999 USA:Biotechniques Pardee,Arthur.B Experssion Genetic Differential Display 713
1962 London:Harvard university Hastings,Eduard The theory of Monoplistic Competition 714
1978 Newyork:john Wiley Jennings,Alam Matrix Compution for engineers and Scientistics 715
1985 Newyork:SprinkingVerlag Oksendral,Bernal Stochastic Differential equations An Introduction with application 716
1976 Newyork:John Wiley GoldBerge Methods of Real Analysis 717
1915 Newyork:McGraw Hill Hamming,R.W Numerical Methods for Scientists and engineering  718
1963 newyork:intersciencepublsher dunford nelson linear operators 719
1961 London:D.Van noslrand Company Lanczos,Cornelines Linear Differntal Operetors 720
2005 London:Addison Wisley Thomas,George.B Calculus Eleventh edition 721
1986 Moscow Mir Publishers Sergeev,G.B Cryochemistry 722
1987 Boston:D.Reldel Publishing Company Maclaren.J.M Surface Crystallographic informationService Ahand book Surface Structures 723
1981 Oxford:Pergamon press Whittaker,E.J.W Crystal graphy An introduction of or earth 724
1985 Newyork:MirPublishers Kazakov,Nf Diffusion Bonding of Meterials 725
1989 Newyork:Macmillan Company Rainville ,Eart D Elementary Differantial equation 726
1985 New York:Academic Press Tsang,W.T Semiconductors and Semimentals 727
1984 Tokyo:OHM Hamakaw A Amorphous Semicoductor Technologyies devices 728
1980 Newyork:McGraw Hill Rosenbery Seromel Theory and Problem of Gollege Chemistry 729
1980 London:Pitman Schwarzen berges,R.L.E N-Dimintional Crystallography 730
1960 Newyork: Fremi,Enrico Molecules Crystals and Quantum Statlist 731
1984 Oxford:Pergamon Press Hull,D Introduction to Dislocations 732
1968 New Delhi:America Publish Shafranovsti Lectures on Grystal Morphology 733
1986 American:VCH Publisher Michi,Josef Spectroscopy with Polarzed Light 734
1980 Oxford:Pergamon Press Oppenheim,A.K Casdynamics of Dynamics and Rective System 735
1986 Newyork:Pergamon Press Witten,Malthew Hyperblic Partial Differantial Equations 736
1987 Moscow:Mir Publishers Zeldovich,Ya.B Hiber Math 737
1982 Newyork:Macmallian Publishing Walpole,Ranold .E Introduction of Statistics 738
1999 Newyork:McGraw Hill Raven,Peter H Biology 739
2004 London:John wiley Dale _Jeremy.W Molecular Genetics of Bacteria 740
1928 Newyork:McGraw Hill Gautrean,Ronald Schamas out Line of theory and problems of Modren Physics 741
1963 Newyork:McGraw Hill Ayes,Frank Theory and Problems Mathmatics of Finance 742
1964 Newyork:McGraw hill Lipsecuutz ,Seymour Schames out Line Series Set theory 743
1965 Newyork:McGraw Hill Ayes Frank Schmmas out Line of theory and Problems of Modren Algebra 744
1972 Tokyo:McGraw Hill Halklas,Millman Integrated Electrnics Analog and Digital Circuits and Systems 745
  Tab book Muncheryan Hacand.M Laser Technology 746
1988 Newyork:Combridge university Hamilton,A.G Logic for Mathmatics 747
1987 Boston:Duxbury Press Bain,Lee.J Introduction to probability and Mathmatical Statistic 748
1982 Newyork:Spring Verlage Burns,Robert B Modren Geometry Methods and applications 749
  Chapman and Hall:London Arrow smith , D.k Ordanry Differantial equation 750
1976 Mc Graw Hill Newyork Rudin Walter Date Principles of Mathmatics analysis 751
1988 Bristol:Edowrd Arnold Smital,Jaroslav Onfunction and functional equations 752
1985 Newyork:Springer Verley Reinnard,HJ Analysis of approximation Methods for Differential 753
2000 Great Britan Cuitnepress Samson,James.A.R Techniques of Vacuum Harvolet 754
1972 London:Addison Wesely Meserve,Bruce an Introduction to finite Mathmatics 755
1984 Singrpore:WorldScientfic Wit,B des Supersymmetry and Supergravity 756
2002 USA:John Wiley Milson ,John Field Geophysics 757
1982 London:Mecuum Fast,J.D Entropy 758
1967 Newyork:Johnwiley Phillips.Tdon Operations Research:Principles and Practice 759
1958 Newyork:Academic press Jonz,George Thermodynamic Properties of Dynamic Gmpounds 760
1956 Newyork:John Wiley Baba< Hiroaki Quantum Organic Chemistry 761
1983 Moscow:Publishers Creighton . Campbell General and Inoranic Cemistry 762
1980 Moscow Kuznetsun VI Theory of Valency in Procress 763
1985 Italy:World SCientific BottaniCA Mechanical Properties and Behaviour of Solips:Plasticinst Abilities 764
1967 Newyork:Academic press1967 Bellman , Richard Introduction to the Mathmatical theory of Control Process 765
1982 London:Addison Wesley Fraleigh.B.John Afirst Cource in Abstract Algebra 766
1973 Usa:D.Reidel PublishiringCoupany Teman,Roger Numerical Analysis 767
1982 Germany:World Scientific Julve,J Non- Pertubative Aspects of Quantum Field Theory 768
1981 London:Academic press Christensen,Mark.S Computing for Caulus 769
1975 Takyo:McGraw Hill Woodrofe,Micheal Probability With Applications 770
1989 London:Adoward Arnold Young,Barbara Pure Mathmatics:a complete and Concise 771
1981 Tokyo:Princeton Forness.E John Precent Developments In several Complex Veriables 772
1978 London:the Macmlliam Press Govil,A.K Definitions and Formutein Statics 773
1977 U.S.A:Saunder Philadelphia Kasriel,Robert Herman Undergraduate topology 774
1983 London:Addison_ Wesley Thomas George.B Calculus and analytic Geometry 775
1976 Addison Wisley America Milton , Janet Susan Propability Theory with the essential 776
2001 Jordon Dar Al Shorouk Badarnch.D Anwar Introduction to Set theory 777
2004 America:Prentic Hall Kolman,Bernard Discrete Mathmatical Structure 778
2000 Newyork:Springer Verlage Scheper,I Advances in Biochemical engineering Biotechnology 779
2001 New York:John Wiley Warson H Applications of Synthetic Resion 780
1975 Newyork :Pergramon Press Krenkel.P.A Heavy Metals in the Aquatic Enviromation 781
1999 U.s.a:Springer Scheider.R Gravitational Lenses 782
1970 Newyork:Gordonand Berach Johnson,Evrett.r The radiation _Induced decomposition of inorganic Moleculerions 783
1970 London:The Bengenamin Publishing Mathews,John Mathmatical:Methods of Physics 784
1984 London:Great Brotain Edwards,T.C Introduction to Microwave Electronics 785
1958 Newyork:McGraw Hill Present,R Kinetic Theory of Gases 786
1988 Newyork:Curbiont Universirty Pipar Frs Magantro register in Matels 787
1968 Oxford:Pergramon Press Collins.P.H Power Sources 788
2001 Newyork:John Wiley Halliday,David Fundamentals of Physics 789
1996 Newyork:John Wiley Sallivan_michael Finite Mathmatics An Applied Approach 790
2004 America:Pearson Baker>M Pauline Computer Graphics with Opencl 791
2003 Newyork:Springer Dievolt,Volkmar Electronic Defect S 792
1958 Newyork:Mcgraw Hill Hansen,Max Metallurgy and metallurgical Engineering Series 793
1993 Newjersy:Prentic Hall Mano ,M Morrier Computer System Architure 794
2002 Great Britan:John Wiley Sainsbury,M Heterocyclic Chemistry 795
1975 Oxford:Pergamon Press The Foseco Foundymens hand book Foundry Services Limited 796
1975 New york:Pergamon press geochimacaet gosmochimica acta Suplement Lunar Science instute 797
1972 Cambride:The Mit Press Criswell ,David R Geochimica et Cosmochinica acta Supplement 798
1974 newyork:Pergramon press Joluson space center proceding of fifth Lunar Science Contexen 799
2003 New Jersey:Premtice Hall Trieble,Walter.A The 8088 and 8086 Micro processors Programing interfaling Soft Ware Hard ware Applications


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