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    Description of the academic program and the study plan for the scientific branches

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    Projects of graduates of undergraduate studies of applied sciences Department 

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Year Publisher Author Book Name NO
1998 Elserver,Newyork Rath holland Vacuum technology 1
1979 Burlington house,Londan Adams , D . M Spectroscopic properties of inorganic and organometallic Compounds 2
1987 plenum press,Newyork Howie . A Surface and interface characterization by Electron Optical Methods 3
1982 Newyork ,planum Kompa,K.L Laser Applications in Chemistry 4
1985 Newyork,johnwilg kong jin Au Electromagnetic wave Theory 5
1988 Bristol Adam Hilger Hurst g.s principles and Applications of Resonance Ionisation Spectroscopy 6
1982 Newyork Plenum press martellucci s Analytical Laser Spectroscopy 7
1981 Newyork Plenum Press Arecchi F.T Advances in Laser Spectroscopy 8
1985 Newyork University Press Wolf E.L Principles of Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy 9
1996 Briton Edward Arnold Grundy P.J Electron Microscopy in the Study of Materials 10
1988 America,optical Society of America Tucson,Arizona Optical Interference Coatings 1988 Technical Digest Series volume 6 11
1988 Newyork Plenum press Szilagyi,Miklos Electron and Ion Optics 12
1977 Oxford,Pergamon press Born max Principles of Optics 13
  America ,pergameon press Ballard,Standey Benchmark Papersin optics 14
1982 London ,Academic press Barer,R Advances in Optical and electron microscopy 15
1986 harwood Academic ,Londan Carey,David C. The Optics of Charced Partile Particle Beams 16
1988 Bristol Adem Hilger Ward.L The Optical Constants of Bulk Materials 17
1985 Newyork,Academic press TingyeLi Optical Fiber Communications 18
1988 Newyork Plenum press    Laser Optics of Condensed Matter 19
1987 Oxford,Pergamon press Born Max Principles of Optics 20
1981 Newyork Elsevier Duzer T.Van Principles of Superconductive Devices and Circuits 21
1987 England,I.P.C Brown.L.M Electron microscopy and analysis,1987 22
1987 Oxford,North- Holland Gantmakher V.F Varrier Scattering in Metals and Semiconductors 23
1979 Newyork Plenum press Nemoshkalenko V.V Electron Spectroscopy of Crystals 24
1979 Newyork,Academic press Bunker,Philip Molecular Symmetry and Spectroscopy 25
1987 Newyork,Vch Croasmun,William R Two- Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy Applications For Chemists and Biochemists 26
1988 Bristol,Aden Hilger Hurst G.s Principles and Applications of Resonance Ionisation Spectroscopy 27
1994 Newyork,McgrawHill Trantina,Gerry Structural Analysis of ThermoplasticComponents 28
1978 American Nova Scrence pub PashininP.P Laser-Induced Raman Spectroscopyin Crystals and gases 29
1985 London,Addison-Wesley Date ,C.S Introduction to Data base systems 30
1979 Newyork,Springer- Verlag Walther H Laser SpectroscopyIV 31
1981 Newyork,Springer- Verlag Mckellar A.R.W Laser SpectroscopyV 32
1977 Newyork.Springer Verlag Hall J.L Laser SpectroscopyIII 33
1985 Newyork,Springer- Verlag Hansch T.W Laser SpectroscopyVII 34
1983 Newyork ,Spring Verlag Luthy W Laser SpectroscopyVI 35
1986 Newyork,Springer- Verlag Tarui,Y VLSITechnology 36
2003 Newyork,Marcel G.Advani.Suresh Process Modeling in Composites Manufcturing 37
2002 Newyork ,Marcel Min Kuo,Tsung Lipid Biotechnology 38
1992 America,Mc Graw Hill Hecht ,Jeef The Laser Guidebook 39
1986 Newyork Mc Graw Hill Dieter,George E Materials Science and Engineering 40
2004 NewYork:Cambridge Smith ,John E Biotechnology 41
1988 Newyork ,Academic press Harmut,Haug Optical Nonlinearities and Instabilies in Semiconductors 42
1988 Newyork,john wiley Spitz,Peter H. Petrochemicals The rise of an Industry 43
2002 Bboston MCGraw,Hill Henkel,Daniel Structure and Properties of engineering materials 44
1988 America,Nova Science Basov,N.G Phase Conjugation of laser emission 45
1972 Oxford Pergamon press Grivet P Electron Optics2nd 46
1967 Newyork,McGraw Hill Yariv Amnon Quantum Electronic 47
1984 Tokoy,Academi press Maeda Mistsuo Laser Dyes 48
1979 Newyork,Plenumpress Nemoshkalenko,V.V Electron Spectroscopy of Crystals 49
1994 Newyork ,Mc Graw.Hill Trantina,Gerry Structural Analysis of Thermoplastic Components 50
1993 Newyork,Mc Graw.Hill Brooks ,Charlie R Failure Analysis of engineering Materials 51
1997 Newyork Mc Graw Hill Perry Robert H Perrys Chemicalengineers hand book Seventhed 52
1978 Newyork ,Mcgraw-Hill Churchill,Ruel V Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems 53
1972 America,Printed Barnes,Frank S Laser Theory 54
1979 Newyork,Acadenicpress Frangon M Laser Speckle and Application in optics 55
1988 America ,Commack Hendzel .S Research on Laser Theory 56
1986 Newyork:Pergamon press Sayech , G Electron and Laser Beam Welding 57
1983 Newyork ,Academic press Stuart R.V Vacuum Technology Thin Films and Spuutering 58
1980 Newyork Academic press Walls D.F Laser physics 59
1980 London,Royal Society Key m.h Ultra- Short Laser Pulses 60
1979 Newyork,Consultats Bureau Bason N.G Lasers and Thier Applications in Phisical Research 61
1988 Newyork,Plenum press Szilagi Miklos Electron and Ion Optics 62
1986 Newyork ,John Wiely Piepmeler,Edward H Analytical application of lasear 63
1988 Newyork Cambridge university press Hernandez,G Fabry- Perot interferometers 64
1983 Newyork,Academic press fisher,Robert.A Optical Phase Conjugation 65
1986 Bristol ,Adem Hillger Wood,Roger M Laser Damage in Optical Mater Lals 66
1987 Newyork,Plenum Briman,Joseph.L Laser Optics of Condensel matter 67
1980 Newyork,Mc Graw.Hill Thomas,Gary Lasers Operation Equipment,Application And Design 68
1987 America,priented Basov N.G The nonLinear Optics of Semiconductor Lasers 69
1984 London,Edward Arnold Guinier,Andre The Structure of Matter 70
1988 London,Lop P.O.W.TH.F.S.G Surface Plasmon Polaritons 71
1989 Newyork,Plenumpress Puglisi,Mario New Techniques for Future Accelerators 72
1980 Hongkong,Printed Mc Auliffe,Charles Hydrogen and Energy 73
1968 London : Pergamon Martin , J . W Precipitation Hardening 74
1978 Newyork,McGraw- Hill Brown,James Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems  75
1982 Moscow,Mirpub Sher Samokhvalov,Mark Nuclear Physics 76
1987 Orlard,Academic press Wollnik,Hermann Optics of Charged Particles 77
1978 Newyork,Taylor Beesley M.J Lasers and Thier Applications 78
1985 Srngapore,World Scientific Di Toro M Winter Collage on Fundament al Nuclear Physics 79
1987 Newyork,World Scientific Sofia .M Hugo IX Workshop IN Nuclear Physics 80
1987 American O.S.A Optical S.A Optical Meaking on Semicon Ductor Leaser 81
1950 The History of Modern Physics Gounsmit,Samuel A Quantum Physics in America 82
1987 American,ASTM Packan N.H Radiation- Induced Changes in Microstructure Part 1 83
1982 Moscow,Mirpublihers Yudin N.P Nuclear Physics 84
1988 America,VCH Kurreck,Harry Electron Nuclear Double Resonance Spectrscopy of Radicals inSolution 85
1980 Newyork,Academicpress White ,C.W Laser and Electron beam Processing of Materials 86
1986 Berlin Springer Verlag Oxenius J Kinetic Theory of Particles and Photons 87
1980 Newyork Pergamon press Gibson W.M The Physics of Nucclear Reactions 88
1972 Newyork,Pargamon press Armstrong,Baxter H Emission,Absorption and Transfer of Radiation in Heated Atmospheres 89
1981 Newyork,Pergamon press Chrien R.E Nuclear Fission and Neutron- Induced Fission Cross- Sections 90
1967 Newyork,Rein Hold Gardner P.Robin Radioisotope Measurement Applications ineering 91
1986 Boston,Adem Higher Pearson J.M Nuclear Physics energy and Matter 92
1980 OxfordPergamon press Chopbin.Gregorn R Nuclear Chemisry Theory and applications 93
1977 Newyork,Pergamon Press Nilsson,Sigward Antinucleon-Nucleon intepactions 94
1967 America,McGraw .Hill Meyerofe,walter Elements of Nuclear Physics 95
1987 Amstdan,North- Halland Narumi,Hajime Atomic Physics 10 96
1964 Newyork McGraw -Hill Price,William .S Nuclear Radition Detection 97
1982 Newyork,Pergamon Press Dolan-James Fusion Research 98
1986 Italy,Worrld Scientific M.Ditor O Phase Spase Approach to Nuclear Dynamics 99
1983 Oxford Claredon Press W.Mar Shall Nuclear Power Technology 100

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