Department Presidency


Raid A.Ismail






The Department of Applied Sciences is one of the leading scientific departments at the University of Technology and considered as a distinguished department in preparing graduates in its six different disciplines which are able to work in different departments as well as foreign and local companies. Thanks to the excellence of this department in its applied specializations and academic programs prepared according to the modern global trends, international standards and scientific research in the field of competence. Our goal is to meet the needs of the labor market, such as in the field of medicine, pharmacy, industry, education, and smart materials involved in building and industrial production, which move along with national and global trends in developing work skills through modern program platforms used by universities and international companies, as well as practical training programs and field visits. The Department of Applied Sciences provides an encouraging educational and research environment with various learning methods, focusing on active and effective electronic learning, so that all students can explore new scientific concepts, and develop their leadership skills.

Development in Iraq suffers from obstacles and a lack of applied scientific disciplines, which invited those interested and pure science specialists to establish the department to work together and unify efforts in all fields to develop effective solutions by contributing seriously and effectively to activating the role of scientific research and its applications to ensure the achievement of comprehensive development. The department and its distinguished research unit strive to search for mechanisms of scientific and practical cooperation with institutions and organizations concerned with the issue of industrial and medical development in Iraq to work on developing its research capabilities, as well as training and qualifying its technical and teaching staff.

One of the department goals is to provide graduate students with the necessary and supportive knowledge and skills to practice their work and provide graduates with the ability to use all available knowledge resources to solve scientific problems and cultivate a spirit of competition and challenge to reach the level of distinguished sites with a view to progress in industry and the labor market. In addition to giving graduates the ability to communicate and participate in work in multidisciplinary groups. Focusing on scientific research and its fundamental role in serving the community and solving its problems through conducting applied research and publishing their work within international scientific journals and engineering consultations for relevant parties and caring for the precise specializations associated with the edges of science and in order to achieve development requirements.