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    Description of the academic program and the study plan for the scientific branches

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      Alumni   Click hear  For graduates of previous years in postgraduate studies from 1978 to 2012  year Doctorate Master Bachelor 2012     2011     2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002   2001    

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    Projects of graduates of undergraduate studies of applied sciences Department 

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              Lectures of Mathematics and Computer Applications Branch   Lectures of Physics Branch   Lectures of Biology Branch   Lectures of Laser Branch   Lectures of Material Branch   Lectures of Chemistry Branch

library dep.

Year Publisher Author Book Name NO
2003 New York:Addison Wesley Mathews,Christopher,K Biochemistry 1201
2000 New Jersey:Prentice Hall Tinoco,Ignacio Physical Chemistry 1202
2002 New Delhi:Virks publisher Gupta,SL Fundamental Real Analysis 1203
2005 London:Addison Wesley Halsall,Fred Computer Networking and the Internet 1204
1991 New York:Springer Courant,Richard Introduction to Calculus and Analysis Vol.-I 1205
  Canada:Brooks/Cole Starr ,Cecie Basic Concepts in Biology 1206
2001 New York:Higher Education Griffith,W.Thomas The Physics of Everyday Phenomena 1207
1981 New York:Academic Press Christensen,Mark J. Computing for Calculus 1208
2005 New York:Beniamin chmming Timberlake,Karen C Basic Chemistry 1209
2006 America:Prentice Hall Ross,Sheldon A First Course in Probability 1210
2006 New Jersey:Prentice Hall Mamlouk,Michael Materials for Civil and Construction Engineers 1211
2005 New York:Prentice Hall Hibbeler,R.C Mechanics of Materials 1212
2000 New York:Springer Lovasz,L Discrete Mathematics:Elementary and Beyond 1213
2006 New Jersey:Prentice Hall Strong,A .Brent Plastic Materials and Processing 1214
1984 New Delhi:McGraw Hill Deshpande,M.V Elecrical Power System Design 1215
    Aktiengesellschaft,Siemens Electrical Engineering Handbook 1216
1984 Oxford:Pergamon Press McVeigh,J C Energy around the World 1217
1987 New York:Plenum Press Ferreira,J.Gomes X-Ray Spectroscopy in Atomic and Solid State Physics 1218
1983 London:Butterworth Hillman,Harold Handbook of Microscopy 1219
1983 Oxford:Pergamon Press Bonnelle,C Advances in X-Ray Spectroscopy 1220
1975 London:McGraw Hill Streeter,Victor L Fluid Mechanics 1221
1984 New York:North-Holland Colbourn,C.J Algorithms in Combinatorial Design Theory 1222
1985 New York:Springer Verlag Keyfiz,Nathan Applied Mathematical Models 1223
1984 New York:Pergamon Press International Institute of Welding Welding of Tubular Structures -Soudage des StructuresTubularies 1224
1961 New York:Rinehartand Winston Sherwin,Chalmers W Basic Concepts of Physics 1225
1987 England:Gower House Lawlor,Alan Productivity Improvement Manual 1226
1979 London:Academic Press Motz,HansAbraham Neal B The Physics of Laser Fusion 1227
1970 New Jersey:Princeton Press Stein,Elias M Singular Integrals and Differentiability Properties of Functions 1228
1984 New York:John Wiley James,R.Welty Fundamentals of Momentum,Heat and Mass Transfer 1229
1975 New York:Pergamon Press Beer.K Copernicus-Vol.17 1230
1989 U.S.A:Avebury Burnes,Bernard New technology in Context:the selection 1231
1984 New York:McGraw Hill Rosenqvist,Terkel Principles of Extractive Metallurgy 1232
1968 New York:Pergamon Press Moo.M -Young Biomass Conversion Technology 1233
1983 London:McGraw Hill Wiederhold,Gio Database Design 1234
1977 New York:Academic Press Sayigh,A.A.M Solar Energy Engineering 1235
1964 London:Addison-Wesley Weston,Francis Electricity and Magnetism 1236
1981 Moscow:Mir Publisher Efimov,A.V Higher Mathematics for Engineering Students 1237
1974 London:Holden Day Inc Joseph C.Sass Fortran IV Programming and Applications 1238
1981 New York:Pergamon Press Auer,Peter Energy and the Developing Nations 1239
1992 New York:McGraw Hill Lenk,John D Lenk`s Laser Handbook 1240
1988 Bristol:Adam Hilger Mosely,H Non-Ionising Radiation:Microwaves 1241
1984 New York:Springer Verlag Levin,S Lecture Notes in Biomathematics 1242
1985 London:Macmillan Cluley,J.C Transducers for Microprocessor 1243
1987 London:Macmillan Education Barrett,A.N Spatial Structure and the Microcomputer 1244
1988 Bristol:Adam Hilger Twyman,F Prism and Lens Making 1245
  Moscow:CISP, Antsiferov,V.V Physics of Solid State Lasers 1246
1977 New York:Springer Verlag Gunther,Francis Residue Reviews 1247
1976 America:John Wiley Goldberg,Richard R Methods of Real Analysis 1248
1995 England:Longman Scientific Isaacs,Neil S Physical Organic Chemistry 1249
2002 New York:Benjamin Cummings Cowan,Marjorie The Microbe Files with answers,Cases in Microbiology for the Undergraduate 1250
2001 New York:McGraw Hill Jenkins White Fundamental of Optics 1251
  London:Longman Dunn,David Fundamental Engineering Thermodynamics 1252
1957 New York:Plenum Press Cohen,Jerome B Advances in X-Ray Analysis Vol-27 1253
1979 New York:Pergamon Press Shabalin,E.P Fast Pulsed and Burst Reactors 1254
2004 London:Artech House Steiner,Todd Semiconductor Nanostructures for Optoelectronic Applications 1255
2003 Oxford:Newnes Bird,John Engineering Mathematics 1256
1989 America:John Wiley Balanis,constantine A Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics 1257
2003 New York:Springer Lange ,Kenneth Applied Probability 1258
1957 New York:Interscience Publishers Montgomery,D Interscience Tracts in Pure and Applied Mathematics 1259
1984 London:Edward Arnold Parkin,Andrew COBOL for students 1260
  Indiana Incropera,Frank.P Introduction to Heat Transfer 1261
1988 New York:John Wiley Sam.K Shanmugan Random Signals .Detection,Estimation and Data Analysis 1262
1985 NewYork:Springer Verlag Sanders,J.A Averaging Methods in Nonlinear Dynamical Systems 1263
1993 New York:McGraw Hill Kays,W.M Convective Heat and Mass Transfer 1264
1988 America:John Wiley Courant,R. Differential and Integral Calculus.Vol-1 1265
2001 USA:Prentice Hall Couch II,Leon W Communication Systems 1266
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1987 Toronto:U.S.A. Harpool,Jack D Systems Analysis and Design Projects 1276
1999 America:Congress Cataloge Kalev,Danny ANSI/ISO C++ Professional Programmers Handbook 1277
1971 London:MIT Press Levinson,A.A Proceeding of the Second Lunar Science Conference-Houston-11-14-1971 1278
1975 New York:Pergamon Press Geochimica et Cosmochimical acta-Supplement 6 Lunar Science Institute 1279
1972 Cambridge:The MIT Press Geochimica et Cosmochimica acta-Supplement 3 Lunar Science Institute 1280
1979 New York:Pergamon Press Shabalin,E.P Fast Pulsed and Burst Reactors 1281
1983 Moscow:Mir Publishers Paton,B.E Electroslag Welding and Surfacing 1282
2001 New York:McGraw Hill Barnett,Raymond A Precalculus functions and Graphs 1283
2002 NewYork:McGraw Hill Haag,Stephen Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 1284
2002 New York:McGraw Hill Bertoline ,Gary R Fundamentals of Graphics Communication 1285
2000 New York:McGraw Hill Haag,Stephen Microsoft Windows 2000 1286
2002 New York:McGraw Hil Condoor,Sridhar S Mechanical Design Modeling Using ProEngineer 1287
2003 London:McGraw Hill Haag,Stephen Microsoft Windows XP 1288
2001 NewYork:McGraw Hill Streeter,James Intermediate Algebra 1289
1987 Germany:John Wiley Seip.G.Gunter Electrical Installations Handbook 1290
2003 Oxford:Nownes Mazda,Fraidon Power Electronics Handbook 1291
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1979 NewYork:Pergamon Press Boer,Karl SUN Vol 1-2-3 1293
1985 San Juan:Wesley Publishing Kemeny,John G Back to BASIC 1294
2002 U.S.A:McGraw Hill Donaldson,Krista The Engineering Student Survival Guide 1295
2001 Mexico:Course Technology Shelly,Gary B Systems Analysis and Design 1296
1988 Boston:McGraw Hill Sze,S.M VLSI Technology 1297
  New York:North Holland Feit,Walter The Representation Theory of Finite Groups 1298
1994 New York:McGraw Hill Liggett,James A Fluid Mechanics 1299
  1 Norton's,Peter Introduction to Computers 1300

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