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    Description of the academic program and the study plan for the scientific branches

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    Projects of graduates of undergraduate studies of applied sciences Department 

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library dep.

Year Publisher Author Book Name NO
1980 NewYork:Cambridge university press Griffith,J.S The theory of transition -metal ions 901
1959 New York:Van Nostrand Herzberg,Gerhard Molecular Spectra and Molecular Structure 902
1995 America:Prentice Hall Russell,Stuart .J Artificial Intelligence-a modern approach 903
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1977 MOSCOW:Mir Publisher Volosov,V.M A Course of Mathematical Analysis 905
1973 New York:Pergamon Press Johnson.Space Center Proceedings of the Fourth Lunar Science Conference 906
1986 New York:Springer-Verlag Lang,Serge. A First Course in Calculus 907
1974 New York:Academic Press Cebeci,Tuncer Analysis of Turbulent Boundary Layers 908
1977 New York:Academic Press Jacobs,D. The State of the Art in Numerical Analysis 909
1960 New York:McGraw Hill  Palmer,Ralph.Agnew Differential Equations 910
1981 New York:John Wiley Wilson,A.G Optimization in Locational and Transport Analysis 911
1986 USA:Edward Arnold Maude,R. Mathematical Analysis 912
1989 New York:Plenum Press Orazio.Svelto Principles of Lasers 913
1970 Oxford:Pergamon Press Steedman.W Chemistry for the Applied Sciences 914
1971 Amsterdam:North Holland Branscomb,L.M. Electronic and Atomic Collisions 915
1976 Oxford:Pergamon Press   Introduction to Superconductivity 916
1974 New York :Pergamon Press Proceedings of the Fifth Lunar Science Conference Houston,texas,March 18-227,1974 Lunar Science Institute -Proceedings of the Fifth Lunar ScienceConference  917
1980 New York:Pergamon Press Greenspan,Donald Arithmetic Applied Mathematics 918
1984 New York:Springer Verlag Ponstein,Jacob Lecture notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems 919
1998 Madison:Medical Physics Pub. McGinley,Patton .H Shielding Techniques for Radiation Oncology Facilities  920
1983 TORNTO:D.C.Heath and Company Larson,Roland.E Brief Calculus with Applications 921
1988 New York:John Wiley Nemhauser,George L Integer and Combinatorial Optimization 922
1985 Berlin:Springer-Verlag Schofield,N.J. Social Choice and Democracy 923
1988 New York:Adam Hilger Hockney,R.W Computer Simulation using Particles 924
1984 London:Prentice Hall Tanenbaum,Andrew S Structured Computer Organization 925
1974 New York:McGraw Hill Gear,William.C Computer Organization and Programming 926
1985 England:Addison-Wesley Peterson ,James.L. Operating System Concepts 927
1991 New York:North- Holland Bakker,J.W. Mathematics and Computer Science 928
1986 London:Encyclopaedia Britannica Annual Register to Baltic Sea Encyclopeadia Britannica a new Survey Of Universal Knowledge 929
1965 New York:mcGraw-Hill Boot,John.C Operations Research and Quantitative Economics 930
1986 Oxford:Pergammon Press Ford,R.W Ceramics Drying 931
1986 Oxford:Pergamon Press Taylor,J.R Ceramics Glaze Technology 932
1977 USA:Pitman Horowitz Z,Ellis Fundamentals of Data Structures 933
1981 Oxford:Pergamon Press Hukins,David,W L X-Ray Diffraction 934
1984 MOSCOW:Mir Publisher Bugrov,Ya.S A Collection of Problems 935
1979 London:Prentice Hall Duncan,F.G Microprocessor programming and Software Development 936
1984 Canada:Prentice Hall Tanenbaum,Andrew S Strutured Computer Organization 937
1985 London:Prentice Hall Hoare,C.A.R. Communicating Sequential Processes 938
1988 New York:John Wiley Kirchgraber,U Dynamics Reported-Vol-1 939
1984 London:Prentice Hall Welsh,Jim Sequential Program Structures 940
1985 London:Prentice Hall Johnston,Howard Learning to Program 941
1981 New York:Prentice Hall Fuori,William.M Introduction to Computer-The Tool of Business  942
2000 New York:McGraw Hill Dugopolski,Mark Students Solutions Manual Algebra 943
2000 New York:McGraw Hill Barnett,Raymond A. Students Solutions Manual to accompany College Algebra 944
2000 New York:mcGraw Hill Hutchison,Donald. ALEKS Worktext for Basic Mathematics 945
1997 Oxford:Oxford University Press Cady,Fredrick M. Microcontrollers and Microcomputers 946
1977 New York:Pergamon Press Raben,Joseph Computer-Assisted Research in the Humanities 947
1984 London:McGraw Hill Gore,Marvin Computers and Information Systems 948
1976 America:Prentice Hall Tanenbaum,Andrew S Structured Computer Organization 949
1983 Oxford:North-Holland Iazeolla,G. Mathematical Computer Performance and Reliability 950
1965 London:mcGraw- Hill Coughanour,Donald.R. Process Systems Analysis and Control 951
1984 London:Edward Arnold Rowntree,Derek Probability 952
1985 India:CBs Publishers Sharma,J.L A Dictionary of Science 953
1976 New York:McGraw-Hill Strauss,Howard J Handbook for Chemical Technicians 954
1972 Cambridge:The Mit Press Lunar Science Institute .Geochimica et Cosmochimica acta .supplement 3 955
1988 Oxford:Pergamon Press Macwilliams,Florences The Theory of Error-Correcting Codes 956
1965 New York:McGraw- Hill Boot,John.C Operations Research and Quantitative Economics -An elementary Introduction 957
1985 New York:Springer-Verlag Lang ,Serge Graduate Texts in Mathematics -S;103 958
1987 Boston:Prindleweber Powers,David L Elementary Differential Equations 959
1988 America:Nova Science Publishers Vainshtein,B.K Modern Crystallography 960
1970 INDIA:Vikas Publishing House Gupta,SL Fundamental Real Analysis 961
1989 London:Macmillan Flegg.Graham Numbers through the Ages 962
1984 London:Macmallian Education Hebborn,J.E Methods of Trigonometry 963
1980 Moscow:Mir Publisher Berman,G.N A Problem Book in Mathematical Analysis 964
1983 London:McGraw Hill Goldman,Charles Remington Limnology 965
1985 Singapore:World Scientific Prastaro,Agostino Geometrodynamics Proceedings 1985 966
1973 Moscow:Mir Publishers Fomin,S.V Multiple Integrals , Field Theory and Series 967
1984 Lisbon:McGraw Hill Tremblay,Jean-Paul An Introduction to Data Structures with Applications 968
1984 New York:North Holland Noye,John Computational Techniques for Differential Equations 969
1983 America:Prentice Hall Young,Ian .T Signals and Systems 970
1984 London:Prentice Hall Hehner,Eric C.R. The Logig of Programming 971
1984 North-Holland:NHC Greer,Rick Trees andHills:Methodology for Maximizing Functions of Systems Of Linear Relations 972
1984 New York:Springer -Verlag Serre,Jean- Pierre Oeuvres Collected Papers .Vol -1,2,3 973
1975 New York:Pergamon Roman,Paul Some Modern Mathematics for Physicists and Other outsiders 974
1988 New York:John Wiley Parsaye,Kamran Expert Systems for Experts 975
1987 London:Macmillan Redfern,E.J. Introduction to Pascal for Computational Mathematics 976
1988 New York:Addison Wisley Sedgewick,Robert Algorithms 977
1984 London:Edward Arnold Parkin,Andrew COBOL for students 978
1975 Oxford:Pergamon Press KrenKel,P.A Heavy Metals in the Aquatic Environment 979
1986 Delhi:Khanna Tech,Publishers Sarinivasan,N.K Foundry Engineering 980
1954 New York:mcGraw Hill Daugherry,R.L. Fluid Mechanics with Engineering Applications 981
1997 New York:mcGraw Hill Franzini,Joseph B Fluid Mechanics with engineering Applications 982
1987 New York:Pergamon Press Salter,R.S Gold Metallurgy 983
1988 USA:Adams Higher Tuck:Brian Atomic Diffusion in lll-V Semiconductor 984
1972 Oxford:Pergamon Press Chirgwin,Brian.H A Course of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists 985
1981 Moscow:Mir Publisher Minorsky,V.P Problems in Higher Mathematics 986
1971 New York:McGraw Hill Cheste,Clive R. Techniques in Partial Differential Equations 987
1965 New York:McGraw Hill Boot,John.C Operations Research and Quantitative Economics 988
1985 London:Macmillan Celia,C.W Advanced Mathematics 3 989
2002 New York:McGraw Hill Smith,Robert CALCULUS.multivariable 990
2002 New York:McGraw Hill Haag,Stephen Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 991
2002 New York:McGraw Hill Haag,Stephen Microsoft Word 2002 992
2002 New York:McGraw Hill Laudon,Kenneth C. Interactive Computing Series.Microsoft Excel 2002 993
2002 New York:McGraw Hill Laudon,Kenneth C Interactive Computing Series. 994
1983 Moscow:Mir Publishers Sychev.V.V The Differential Equations of Thermodynamics 995
1985 USA:World Scientific Tanuma,Sel-Ichi Graphite Intercalation Compounds 996
1971 LLondon:The MIT Press Levirson,A.A. Proceeding of the Second Lunar Science Conference-Vol.2-Vol.3 997
1983 London:McGraw Hill Hodges,David.A. Analysis and Design of Digital Integrated Circuits 998
1978 California:Institute Technology Calfornia Institute Technology1987 Information for Students Caltech 1978-1979 999
1978 Moscow:Mir Publishers Pogorelov,A.V Analytical Geometry 1000

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