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    Description of the academic program and the study plan for the scientific branches

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library dep.

Year Publisher Author Book Name NO
1978 Newyork :plantum press Halley,J.woods Correlation function and Quasiparticle Interactions in Condensed matter 301
1986 Moscow :Mirl published Fock,V.A. Fundamentals of Quantum mechanics 302
1975 oxford:pergamon press Bassani,F Electronic states and optical transitions in solids 303
1982 Newyork :planum press Bertolotti,M Physical process in laser materials interaction 304
1987 Newyork:Gambridge university press Rivers,R.J Path integral methods in quantum fields theory 305
1972 Erickson Englewood prenyicehall Wirkers,tom E. Communication and the technical 306
1987 London macmillan press Elliott,J.P Symmetry in physics 307
1982 Newyork : Academic press Hillel Daniel Introduction to solid physics 308
1982 Newyork:North_Holland Rashba,E.I Excitons 309
1963 Newyork:Bengaming Frieded.S Motalic Solid Solutions 310
1988 Newyork:Vch Hard,I Stereo chemical applications of gas phase electron differaction 311
1983 Anato:institute Bowler.K.C Statistical and particale physics 312
1938 Newyork McGraw Hill Sawyer.C Stacey Using information technology 313
1978 London Macmallan educations Yarwood,T.M Physical and mathmetical Tables 314
1985 Moscow Mirpublishers GerasivY.A Physical chemistry 315
1987 Newyork:Plenum press Legrand.A.D Chemical physics of intercaltion 316
1988 Newyork:Conference Proceedings No.167 Rubloff,G.W American Vacuum Society Series4 317
1983 Germany:Weinheim Goetrberger.A Solid State Devices 318
1981 Newyork:harwood Barnes Burt Quantum Machanics and Monlinear waves 319
1972 newyork:McGrow hill Spesgel,Murray.R Theory and problems Statics in si units 320
2004 Amman Sordan:Dar Al-Shorok Saleh,Oqeili Mastering C++ 321
1972 London:JohnMurray Armitage,E. Practical Phisics in SI 322
1969 Newyork:pergoman press Davenport,William.H itsRole and functionin Human Socuety 323
1954 Newyork:Mc Graw Hill Zirkle,Raymand,E Biological effects of x and Gamma Radiation 324
1969 Newyork,Pergamon press Maleck,I Physical Foundations of Technical A coustics 325
1972 Newyork:pergamon press Brush.S.G Kinetic Theory 326
1981 America:Edward Arnold D.Aliprantis Principles of real Analysis 327
2000 New Jevsey Prentice Penney E.David Differential Equations and Boundary Valueproblems 328
2004 America : Pearson Hall Maloney,P David Panking Task exercisesw Physics Student Edition 329
1993 Newyork Mcgrow Beiser Arthur Concepts of Modern physics 330
1973 New york Pergamon CrossL.E Phase Transitions 1973 331
1975 Newjercy university press Stein Elias M Introduction to furior Analysis on Equation spaces 332
1969 London Butterworths King ,G.A.I.M Electrical Magnetic and visual methods of testing matrials 333
1976 Newyork Mc Grow Beiser,Arthur,Ph Applied Physics 334
1987 Newyork :combridge Bell.J.S Speakable and un speakablein quantum Mechanics 335
1956 America:Addision Wisely Philip ,Melba Classical Electricity and Magnetis 336
1987 Newyork :Science Hendzel .s Issus in intense_Field Quantum Electrodynamic  337
1969 Oxford : Pergamon Press X Von,J Correlations and entropy in classical statistical mechanics 338
1984 Sweden :World Scientifics Gustafson ,G Proceding of the XV international sympoisum or Multripartice dynamics 339
1969 Newyork Pergamon Petrov.AV Einstein Spaces 340
1974 Newyork : Pergamon press Pathria.R.k The theory of relativity 341
2001 Newyork McGraw Hill Rohde ulrich Communication Recievers soft ware Radios and design 342
1978 Newyork Norton French A.P An introduction to Quantum Physics 343
1987 Newyork:Plenum press Morea wayne.M Semiconductor Lithography Princibles and metrial  344
1976 Newyork :Programon press Mcgaldin,J.O Prograes in solid state chemistry 345
1985 Newyork:Plenum press scher,Harvey Unconventional photo active solids 346
1978 Newyork :Plenum press Jenkins,M Theodore Montecarlo transport of electrons 347
1983 McGraw Hill London walf,panl R Elements of photogrammetry 348
1972 A.g meadows oxford pergmon Strohmeir,Walter Variable Stars 349
1985 Singapore:word Scientific Garba Zewski,P Classical and quantum field theory of exactly soulble nonlinear system 350
1989 Great Britan:Van Nostrand French,A.P An introduction to quantum physics 351
1984 Mcgraw hill Bagas .N.k Physics for class Ix 352
1972 Newyork :McGrawhill Weterz ,John.E Electron Spin Resnance elementry theory and pradical Application 353
1972 Jaban Sociaty Abblied physics toky Solid state device 354
1984 Moscow : Mirphblishers Vladimirov,v.s Equation of mathmatical physics 355
1976 newyork McGraw hill Beiser Arthur Applied physics 356
1984 Boston world Scientific Chamsed dine.A.H Applied N=1 Super Gravity 357
1985 newyork Cambride university press Squires ,G.L Pradictical physics 358
1987 London macmallon education Akrill,T.B work out physics for adarnced level 359
1986 Moscow :mirpublihers Valler ilyyshchenko Collected problems in physics 360
1986 HongKong:Macmillan Parton ,J.E Applied electromagnetics 361
1987 America :Nova Science Volyak.I Oceanic Remote sensing 362
1983 London:addison A.Sanchez Differential Equations An Introduction 363
2001 America iprentic Hall Elayn R .MartinGay Student Solution Manual 364
1986 NewYork:pergamon press Lancaster.J.F The physics of welding 365
2001 newyork:mcgraw hill Sepe.FJames Alternate Exercises and problems 366
1969 newyork :pergamonpress Landau L.D Men of Physics 367
1997 America Emcparadigm Rutkosky,Nita Hewitt Microsoft word 97 368
2000 newyork :south western Napier ,H Albert Microsoft word 2000 369
1972 Oxford :pergamon press Hearley ,J.W.S The use of the scaning electromicroscopy 370
1985 Hang kongmacmlibn Usher,MJ Sensors and transducer 371
1975 London:Addison wesley Omarm.A Elementry Solid State physics principles and application 372
1977 Canada:John wiley Halliday,Davide Physics 373
1977 Newyork:John willy Cohen.Tannoudji Quantum mechanics 374
1983 Singapore:worldScientfic Gomez B Stochastic processes Applied to physics and other Relatedfield 375
1982 London:addison Wesley Francis ,W.Sears University physics 376
1979 Newyork:Academicpress Ehernerh,Henry Solid state physics 377
1982 newyork :harwork academic publisheres SagdeevRZ Nonlinear and turbulent processes in physics 378
1956 Newyork:McGrawhill Hartogj.P Mechanical vibrations 379
1983 Oxford:charendon press Prutton,m Surface physics 2nded 380
1983 India :Vlks Publishing  OswalMC Atex book of soil physics 381
1981 Baltimore : Academic society Malloy,Conway Hazardovs solid waste testing first conference 382
1987 Moscow :Americanin Stitute of physics Yastrebov.L.i Foundations of one electron theorv of solids 383
1977 newyork :north holland Lehmann,chr interaction of Rediation with solids and elementry Defect production 384
1985 Topics:worlsd Borissor.M Nonlinear Phenomena in solid modren topics 385
1968 NewYork:Mcgraw hill Mathews.Pt Quantum mechanices 386
1981 France:world scientific OhtsukiX.h Theortical [computational]Developments in atomic colisions in solids 387
1997 Newyork:McGraw Hill Helsel .D.jay Fundamentals of engineering Drawing 388
1983 Newyork:World Scientific  Borissov .M Optical and Acoustic Waves in Solids Modern Topics 389
2002 Newyork:McGraw hill Hutchison,Donald Aleks Work text for intermediate Algebra 390
2002 Newyork:Houghton Miffincompany Harris,Cindy Student Solutions Guide to Concepts An Informal approach to the mathmatics of change 391
1988 Newyork Halliday Divid Physics part2 392
2004 Candia:Thomson Taggrat ceciestarr.Ralph Biology The unity and Diversity of life then 393
1984 Oxford pregamon press Dixon,Sydenen Lawrence Fluid mechanics thermodynamics of the turbomathinery 394
1960 London:Addison Richards,A James Modren University Physics 395
1949 Newyork:Academic press White ,Robert.m Long Range order in Solids 396
1975 Newyork:Plenum press Henderson,B Defects and Their Structure in nonmetallic Solids 397
1985 Routldge Sprackling,M.T Liquids and Solids 398
1971 London:Macddnald Gollege Physics Gollege Physics 399
1972 London:Cambridge press Ziman,F.R.S Principles of the theory of Solids 400

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