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Raghad Hussein Mohammed
Applied Science Department

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Applied Science Department / Materials Science / Composite Materials : manufacturing, testing and applications. Echo friendly materials and Synthetic one.

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•Master in Materials Science/Composites Bachelor in Glass and Ceramic Engineering

Polymers Synthesis ,Organic compounds Synthesis ,


WEX-HIL: Design of a Wireless Extensible hardware-in-the-loop real-time simulator for electric vehicle applications 

Manufacturing composite materials of all kinds and the study of the conditions of weathering mechanical , physical and chemical characteristics and take advantage of them in the fields of industry .

1) Effect study of ultraviolet (UV) on some mechanical properties of complexes epoxy / Engineering and Technology Journal , Volume 27 , Issue 15.2009 . 2) The edition effect of natural fibers on polymeric materials and study some of thermal and mechanical properties/ vol.13(1), march, 2010. 3) Study the effect of glass fibers on mechanical properties of epoxy composites/ Eng.&Tech. journal, vol.31 part(B), No.5, 2013. 4) The effect of nanoparticles additives on impact strength of metal matrix composites. Vol.35, part B. no.1, 2017. 5) Effect of grain size on the structure and properties of coir epoxy composites.SN Applied Science (2020) 2:1191.


Teaching in the field of materials in general and related activities with making and the circumstances surrounding it.
1) Industrial drawing-Part 1 2) Industrial drawings-Part 2 Promotion from assistant lecture to lecture in 2013. Several Acknowledgment from: Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dean of UOT, Dean of Applied Science.