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Suhad A A Al-Salihi
Applied Science Department

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Suhad interests in biotechnology is back to 2002, when she first started her career as a research assistant in the Biotechnology Division-Applied Sciences Department. Ever since, she has been involved in many academic and administrative roles, with main focus on teaching.

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•Qualifications: - PhD in Molecular Biotechnology from University of Bristol, UK. - MSc in Biochemical Technology from University of Technology, IRAQ. - BSc in Biology from University of Baghdad, IRAQ.

Suhad’s research focuses on specialised metabolites of medical and agrochemical use, that are naturally synthesised by plants, fungi, and bacteria. She uses a range of techniques, including comparative genomics, metabolomic and mass spectrometry to answer the following questions: what type of organic molecules do the selected species produce? when and how much they produce? and how to modify those molecules to be utilised pharmaceutically and chemically?  

WEX-HIL: Design of a Wireless Extensible hardware-in-the-loop real-time simulator for electric vehicle applications 

Latest Publications - Al-Salihi, S.A., Dao, T.T., Williams, K., Bailey, A.M. and Foster, G.D. (2019). The biogenetic origin of the biologically active naematolin of Hypholoma species involves an unusual sesquiterpene synthase. Molecular Biotechnology. 2019:1-9. - Al-Salihi, S.A., Scott, T.A., Bailey, A.M. and Foster, G.D. (2017). Improved vectors for Agrobacterium mediated genetic manipulation of Hypholoma spp. and other homobasidiomycetes. J. Microbiol. Methods 142, 4-9.

Suhad’s currently teaching two modules; Industrial microbiology and biotechnology-third year and Academic English-fourth year.