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Zaynab Naif Rasheed

Applied sciences Department


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  • B.Sc.: Materials Science/ Applied sciences dep./ University of Technology/ Iraq/ 2004.

  • M.Sc: Materials Science/ Applied sciences dep./ University of Technology/ Iraq/ / 2009.

  • Ph.D: Materials Science – Advance nanotechnology/Cardiff school of engineers/United kingdom/ 2017.
  • Nanotechnology applications, AFM Technique, Polymers, Composite Materials.
  • Awham M. Hameed, Zaynab N. Rasheed, ”Effect of environmental conditionson Shore hardness values of polymer blend.2011 ( 69) مجلة التربية الاساسية

  • Study of the Effect of the Variation Effect of Water Temperatures on Shore (D) Hardness for Some Polymers. Journal of Al-Nahrain University Vol.16 (3), September, 2013, pp.110-118

  • Z. N. Alraziqi, N.F. Mukhtar, and E. B. Brousseau, “Comparison of two AFM probeinspection techniques for three-dimensional tip characterisation.,” Proceedings of the16th International Conference of the European Society for Precision Engineering andNanotechnology, pp. 59–60, Nottingham, UK, May 2016.

  • Z. N. Alraziqi, E. B. Brousseau, F. M. Borodich, “Studies of actual shapes of probes used for AFM tip-based nanomachining,” in 9Nano congress for next generation, vol. 7, no.4, pp. 42, Manchester, UK, Aug.2016. (as presenter)

  • Z. N. Alraziqi, E. B. Brousseau, F. M. Borodich, “A new metric to assess the tip condition of AFM probes based on three-dimensional data”, The International Conference for Students on Applied Engineering, Newcastle, UK, October 2016.

  • Z. N. Alraziqi, E. B. Brousseau, “Radius evaluation of AFM probe tip using Two Different characterisation device”, Nanoscience: A celebration Conference, Cardiff, UK, May 2017.(as presenter).

  • Samah M. Hussein, Zaynab N. Rasheed, (2018),“Nano-reinforcement effect on PMMA denture base mechanical properties after immersing in different solution”, Iraqi journal of science, Special issue , pp:57-68 , DOI: 10.24996/ijs.2019.S.I.10

  • Zaynab N. Rasheed, Samah M. Hussain, ” Impact strength behavior of PMMA denture base through addition of different nanoparticles after immersion in some nutrition liquids”, Iraqi Journal of Physics, (2019),Vol.17,No.41,PP.40-50.

  • Alraziqi, Z. N. R., & Mansoor, H. S. (2020). Experimental Investigation for Some Properties of PMMA Denture Base Strengthened by Different Nanoadditives. Iraqi Journal of Science, 61(11), 2913-2925.

  • Rasheed, Z. N., & Hussein, S. M. (2021, March). Experimental study of food waste powder FWP influence on compressive and wear behaviour of polyester composite. In Journal of Physics: Conference Series (Vol. 1795, No. 1, p. 012037). IOP Publishing.‏

  • Sharhan, H. A., Rasheed, Z. N., & Oleiwi, J. K. (2021). Synthesis and Physical Characterization of PMMA/PP and PMMA/PAN Composites for Denture Applications. Journal of Applied Sciences and Nanotechnology, 1(3), 13-23.‏

  • Zaynab N.Rahseed Alraziqi (2021), Water Temperature Effect on Hardness and Flexural Strength of (PMMA/TiO2 NPs) for Dental Applications. Baghdad Journal of Science.(accepted).

  • Undergraduate :-

  • Material characterization / Third stage.
  • Composite Lab/ Second stage.
  • Postgraduates Courses :-

  • English language/ all MSC student in applied science departments.

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