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Buthenia Abd AL hamza Hasson
Applied Science Department

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B.Sc: hasoon earned his bachelor’s in biology from the Department of sciences from the University of Baghdad ,Baghdad, Iraq . M.Sc: hasoon earned his master’s degree in microbiology from the University of Baghdad (UOT), Baghdad, Iraq. Ph.D: student in microbiology and Research interests in microbiology ,nanotechnology and application , biotechnology


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• B.Sc. Physics from Baghdad University\Physics Department-Iraq 1993. • M.Sc. Physics from Baghdad University\Physics Department-Baghdad, Iraq 2001. Title of M.Sc. Dissertation: "Transport Parameters and Dielectric Strength of Electrical Discharges in SF6 and CCl2F2". • Ph.D. University Of Technology \ School of Applied Science-Baghdad, Iraq 2010. A casual (visitor) student (about 5 months in 2008) at Hubei University, Hubei, China, to do collaborative research work with Prof. W Q Cao during the time of being a PhD student. Title of Ph.D. Dissertation: "Crystal Structure and Morphology of Nano Ba(Zr,Ti)O3 Prepared Using Hydrothermal Method".


Laser Physics & Nanotechnology


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