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Khawla Salah Khashan

Applied sciences Department


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  • B.Sc. In Applied Physics -laser physics /Applied Science department/ University of Technology- Iraq/1997
  • M.Sc In Laser Physics from Applied Science department– University of Technology, Dissertation: “Surface Heat treatment of several Ferrous alloys by Pulsed Laser” (Prof. Jafer T. Al – Haidary & Ass. Prof. D.N.Raouf, advisors ) 1999
  • Ph.D In Laser and Optoelectronic techniques from Applied Science department– University of Technology. Dissertation: “Optical and Electrical properties of chemically prepared Nanocrystalline Particles” (Prof. Abdul Mutalib I. Ahmad, advisor) 2006
  • Laser material processing and nanomaterial preparation, and their applications in different fields including optoelectronics and medical applications
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  • Al-Omar M.S., Jabir M., Karsh E., Kadhim R., Sulaiman G.M., Taqi Z.J., Khashan K.S., Mohammed H.A., Khan R.A. Gold nanoparticles and graphene oxide flakes enhance cancer cells’ phagocytosis through granzyme-perforin-dependent biomechanism, Nanomaterials 11, 6 , 2021 3. GS Jaber, KS Khashan, MJ Abbas.Preparation ZnO nanoparticles with Different Concentration by Laser Ablation in Liquid. Engineering and Technology Journal 39 (1B), 197-202, 2021
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  • Undergraduate :-

  • Measurements (1st Class), Thermodynamics (2st Class), Electronics (2st Class).
  • Electromagnetism (3st Class), Digital Electronics and communications (4st Class), Electronics (3st Class).
  • Postgraduates Courses :-

  • Nanotechnology (MSc), Laser applications in nanophotonics (MSc), Industrial Laser
  • applications (PhD), Medical Laser applications (PhD)
  • ISA International Award for Outstanding Iraqi Research, Best Paper in Science, 2017