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zahraa Abdulmunim Abdulhady

Applied sciences Department

Assistant Professor

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  • Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology (2003) / Al-Nahrain University

  • Master's degree in Biotechnology (2006) / Al-Nahrain University.

  • Ph.D. degree in Biotechnology (2016) / Al-Nahrain University
  • Molecular genetics and Genetic Engineering.
  • HADI HUSSEIN ABBAS1 AND ZAHRAA A. SHARBA2. Comparison Diagnostic of Klebsiella by Classical Biochemical Test with Modern Method that Up Take from Varied Samples. The Journal of Research on the Lepidoptera Volume 51 (1): 139-146.(2020).

  • Zahraa A. Sharba, Buthenia A. Hasoon, Raghad K. Maeah and Nehia N. Hussein. CYTOTOXICITY, ANTIOXIDANT, AND ANTIMICROBIAL ACTIVITIES OF CRUDE EXTRACT OF QUERCUS INFECTORIA PLANT. Plant Archives Vol. 20, Supplement 1, pp. 227-230(2020).

  • Nehia N. Hussein*, Raghad K. Maeah, Zahraa A. Sharba, Buthenia Aasoon,Ghassan M. Sulaiman, Ayad A., Ali A. Taha and Kareem H. Jwad. CYTOTOXIC, ANTIOXIDANT AND ANTIBACTERIAL ACTIVITIES OF CRUDE EXTRACT OF SYZYGIUM AROMATICUM PLANT. Plant Archives Vol. 19, Supplement 1, pp. 350-355(2019).

  • Hiba M. Al-Khafaji , Sura A. abdulateef , Zahraa A. abdulhady. Detection one of DNA repair gene for lung cancer in sample of Iraqi patients. Iraqi Journal of Biotechnology, Vol. 16, No. 3, 240-247(2017).

  • Hiba M. Abdulhasan Alkafaji1 ,Wasnaa H. Mohammed 1 ,Zahraa A. Sharba1 ,Ali A. Taha1*, Mohanad K. Aneed2, Mohammed M. Farhan3, Mohammed J. Kazim4 ,Manar M. Rashid1 ,Rafah A. Salih5 ,Noor S. Yones1 ,Rana S. Noori1 ,Nomaira G. Abdulkareem1 ,Haralambos Stamatis . TAT–Poly A1 peptides and siRNA loaded on calcium phosphate nanoparticles for ESR1 gene targeting in RD–cell line. Annals of Tropical Medicine & Public Health. . Vol. 23 Issue 19 .Nov (2020)
  • Zahraa Abdulmunim, Rabah N Jabba, Abdulwahid B Al-Shaibani. Journal of University of Babylon for Pure and Applied Sciences. Journal of Babylon University/Pure and Applied Sciences/ No.(2)/ Vol.(26): (2018).

  • Abdul Wahid B. Al-Shaibani, Rabah N. Jabbar and Zahraa Abdulmunim Sharba. Effect of Hygromycin B Antibiotic Produced by Streptomyces Isolates on some Pathogenic Bacteria.Journal of Al-Nahrain University Vol.19 (2), , pp.105-110. June, (2016).

  • Undergraduate :-

  • Antibiotics and pharmacognosy /fourth stage.
  • Medicinal plant / third stage.
  • Virology/third stage.
  • Molecular biology/ third stage.
  • Postgraduates Courses :-