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Name : Fanar Ghanim Hashim 39 years old working as a lecturer in UOT / Applied science department I have Master Degree in petroleum refining petrochemical Engineering

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M.Tech Of Petroleum Refining Petrochemical Engineering
1- Ghanim, F. and Abdullah, T.A., 2016. Waste-Water Treatment by Electro-oxidation Process with TiO2. Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (JAMT), 10(1), pp.61-72. 2- Al-Baghdadi, S.B., Hashim, F.G., Salam, A.Q., Abed, T.K., Gaaz, T.S., Al-Amiery, A.A., Kadhum, A.A.H., Reda, K.S. and Ahmed, W.K., 2018. Synthesis and corrosion inhibition application of NATN on mild steel surface in acidic media complemented with DFT studies. Results in physics, 8, pp.1178-1184. 3- Hashim, F.G., 2019. Catalytic Reaction of Ethanol into Light Olefins Over 2wt% CuO/HZSM-5. Engineering and Technology Journal, 37(2part (B) Science), pp.41-44. 4- Abdullah, T.A., Hashem, F.G., Rasheed, Q.J., AL-gebori, A.M. and Obayes, H.R., Study the Effect of Added 4wt% of Nickel Oxide, Ammonium Oxide and Cobalt Oxide over HZSM-5 Catalyst for the Catalytic reaction of Bio-Ethanol into Hydrocarbons.