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Mayyadah Hameed Mohsin

Applied sciences Department

Assistant Professor

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  • B.Sc.: laser physics/ applied science Dept., / University of Technology/ Iraq/ 2005.

  • M.Sc: laser physics (nanomaterial and detector)/ applied science Dept., / University of Technology/ Iraq/ 2013.

  • Ph.D: now PhD student
  • Nanotechnolochy, laser, detectors, carbon nanotube, nanomaterials, solar cell.
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  • "Synthesis of NiO/Si using Sol-Gel as a Photoensor" silicon Journal "2021.Mayyadah H. Mohsin, Mohammed J. Haider, Zeyad Yousif Abdoon Al-Shibaany, Adawiya J. Haider and Rana O. Mehadi.

  • "Physical properties of SiC nanostructure for optoelectronics applications" Journal of Renewable Materials 2020, Mayyadah H. Mohsin, Najwan H. Numan, Evan T. Salim, Makram A. Fakhri

  • Mayyadah H Mohsin, Raid A Ismail,and Rana O. Mhadi,"preparation of nanostructured FeS2/Si hetrostruction photodetector by laser ablation in water under effect of an external megnetic field" Applied Physics A (2021)127:214

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