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Mudhafar Ali Mohammed

Applied sciences Department


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  • B.Sc.: Physics, College of Education, University of Baghdad 1982-Baghdad/Iraq.

  • M.Sc: Materials Science, School of Applied Sciences University of Technology -1990, Baghdad/Iraq.

  • Ph.D: Materials Technologies, School of Applied Sciences, University of Technology- 2008, Baghdad/Iraq.

  • Shape Memory Alloys, Bio ceramics, Thin Films and Coating
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  • Structural and optical characterization of InAs nanocrystals deposited by spray pyrolysis AIP Conference Proceedings 1653, 020073 (2015); A. M. Mousaa), M. A. Mohammed, and R. Kadhim
  • The effect of preparation under vacuum and microwave drying on the mechanical properties of porcelain ceramic foam via polymeric sponge method AIP Conference Proceedings 1727, 020019 (2016); S. H. Shahatha and M. A. Mohammeda)
  • Investigation of the martensitic transformation of (Cu-Zn-Ni) shape memory alloys AIP Conference Proceedings 1809, 020036 (2017); N. A. Naat and M. A. Mohammed*
  • Fabrication and characterization of alumina tube by thermal spray forming AIP Conference Proceedings 1809, 020034 (2017); M. A. Mohammed*, Sh. A. Zaidan, and H. E. Smich
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  • Investigation of Ceramic Coatingby Thermal Spray with Diffusion of Copper Vol. 133 (2018) ACTA PHYSICA POLONICA A No. 4 M. Mohammeda, , Sh. Zaidana and H. Smichb
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  • Preparation of Hydroxyapatite/ Zirconia PorousComposites via Polymeric Sponge Method and Study thePhysical and Bioactivity Properties, IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 757 (2020) 012046 M Mohammad1, A Taha1, S Shahatha1*
  • Preparation and characterization of equiatomic NiTi shapememory alloy, IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 757 (2020) 012059 M A Mohammed1, A A Aljubouri1, S H Mohammed
  • Phase Identification of Inconel 738 Lc Superalloy Byactive Bazing Alloy of (28 Ni 72 Ti),Acta Materialia Turcica ,Volume 4, June 2020, Pages 12-19 S. H. KHATHEMa , F. A. HASHIMb, M. A. MOHAMMEDa,*
  • Undergraduate :-

  • Thin Films and Coating Techniques/ second stage/fourth stage
  • Postgraduates Courses :-

  • metallurgy. M.Sc
  • Supper Alloys. Ph.D

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