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Manal Abdulwahid Abbood
Applied Science Department

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A lecturer in the university of technology- Iraq since 1997

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•B.Sc. 1997 Applied Physics / University of Technology - Iraq M. Sc. 2003 Laser Application / University of Technology- Iraq ThesisTitle: fabrication and development of plasma produced by laser sensor Ph.D. 2015 Physics Science / Al-Nahrain University – Iraq Thesis Title: Preparation and characterization of ZnxBi2-xTe3 thermoelectric material

Nano material , thin film , thermoelectric material, renewable energy, solar cell ,

WEX-HIL: Design of a Wireless Extensible hardware-in-the-loop real-time simulator for electric vehicle applications 

• Optical method to determine the orientation of single crystal silicon wafer • The effect of Hg Halide radiation lamp in water purification • The enhancement of silicon solar cell coefficient after coated it in a polymer composite add with R6G. • Study of porous silicon properties prepared by photo chemical etching • Studying of temperature effect on the particles size of silver nanoparticle prepared by chemical method. • Synthesis of silver nanoparticals by chemical methode • Synthesis of gold nanoparticals by chemical methode • Studing of concentration effect on nanopartical size made by chemical methode. • Temperature effect on silver nanoparticls size • Magnetron d.c. sputtering deposition of flower –likeBi2Te3 nanostructure and study its thermoelectric properties, Ali M. Al-Zuhairy , Emad Kh. Al-Shakarchy , 1st International Conference on Physics for Sustainable Development, 28th -30th Oct. Ali M. Al-nahrain University, Baghdad. • Structural properties of ZnxBi2-xTe3 alloys prepared by solid solution , Ali M. Al-Zuhairy , Emad Kh. Al-Shakarchy, International Journal of Application or innovation in Engineering & Management, Vol. 4, Issue 1, 2015. • Structural properties of ZnxBi2-xTe3 nanofilm Characterized by GISAXS , Ali M. Al-Zuhairy , Emad Kh. Al-Shakarchy, International 3rd Scientific Conference of the Collage of Science - Karbala University, 2015

Solid state physics Spectroscopy Environmental physics Quantum physics Mechanics


Al-Nahrain university prize for the best Ph. D. dissertation in pure science