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Liblab Sami Jassim

Applied sciences Department


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  • B.Sc.: Science of Chemistry/ Chemistry Dept., College of Science/ University of Baghdad/ Iraq/ 1998.

  • M.Sc: Inorganic of Chemistry / Chemistry Dept., College of Science/ University of Baghdad/ Iraq/ 2003.

  • Preparation of complexes and studt of their properties, geometric shape and uses, as well as the preparation of inorganic compounds in general.
  • Khalida F. AL-Azawi , Rashed Taleb Rasheed and Liblab Sami Jassim ,(2016), Vol.19(4) , Journal of Al-Nahrain University, Synthesis and Characterization of new Complexes Fe(II), Co(II) and Ni(II) Ions with Azo Ligand Derived from 4-Aminoantipyrene.

  • Liblab S. Jassim, (2020), Vol. 38, part B, No.03, Engineering and Technology Journal, Synthesis and Characterization of Complexes of New Derivative of Cyclopentaphenanthren-3-one with Manganese(II), Iron(II), Cobalt(II), Nickel(II), and Copper(II) Ions.

  • Hiba H. Ibraheem, Liblab S. Jassim,and Yasameen K. Al-Majedy, (2018), Vol. 36, Part C, No.2, Engineering and Technology Journal, Synthesis and Characterization of New Complexes Derived from 4-(4-(Dimethylamino)Phenyl)-2-Oxo-6-(2-Oxo-6-(Phenyldiazenyl)-2H-Chromen-3-YI)-1,2- Dihydropyridine-3-Carbonitrile with Manganese(II), Iron(II), Cobalt(II), and Nickal(II) Ions.

  • Yasameen K. Al-Majedy, Hiba H. Ibraheem, Liblab Sami Jassim and Ahmed A. Al-Amiery, (2019), Vol.22(1), Al-Nahrain Journal of Science, Antiiioxidant Activity of Coumarine Compounds.

  • Rashed Taleb Rasheed, Hamssa A. Essa, Liblab S. Jassim, (2020), 2213, 020202, Materials Engineering &Science, Preparation and Characterization of Cr2O3 nanoparticle Prepared Chemical Method.

  • Rashed T. Rasheed, Liblab S. Jassim, Hamsa A. Easa, Shaymaa H. Khazaal, (2021), Vol. 1021, issn:1662-9752, Material Science Forum, Preparation and Characterization of CuO NanoparticlesPrepared by Chemical Method.

  • Liblab Sami Jassim, (2013), Vol. 19, No.78, Journal of the College of Basic Education, Synthesis and Studies Characterization Spectrum of Metal Complexes Derived from N-Phenyl maleamic acid.

  • جزائر عبد الله جوعيد, لبلاب سامي جاسم, باسم هاشم فرج, ضمياء محمد ( 2011 )المجلد. 17 , العدد 69 ,مجلة كلية - التربية االساسية , تقييم التلوث البيئي للرصاص في مرائب المركبات داخل الجامعة التكنولوجية . جزائر عبد الله جوعيد, لبلاب سامي جاسم ,باسم هاشم فرج( 2011)المجلد 29 ,العدد 6 ,مجلة الهندسة والتكنولوجية , تقييم محتوى الرصاص في مستحضرات تبييض البشرة المتداولة في الاسواق العراق

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  • Inorganic chemistry
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