Cinque Terre

Nahida Joumaa Hameed

Applied sciences Department


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  • B.Sc. ,Physics Baghdad university, 1983

  • M.Sc., Physics/composites materials, Baghdad university ,1997

  • Ph.D. ,Physics/composites materials, Baghdad university ,2004
  • Many papers which cover the physical ,thermal, electrical, and dielectric properties, thermal, mechanical properties of polymer, polymer blends, and polymer composites and its application
  • Effect of cross linking agent (gultaraldehyde), Journal of physics:conference seriese,2020

  • Study, of the mechanical properties of polyvinyl alchol\starch blends, Material tody:proceedings,2020

  • Optical properties study for ps\pmma blend as laser active medium, AIP Confere,Proce,2019

  • Preparation and characterization of hyacinth plant/chitosan composite as a heavy metal removal, Baghdad science journal,2019

  • Decolorization of phenol red dye by immobilized laccase in chitosan beads using laccase-mediator-system model, Baghdad science journal,2020

  • Study the toxic heavy metal removal by different hyacinth plant\chitosan composites, Iraqi journal of agliculture,2019

  • Preparation and characterizatics study of polystyrene\porous silicon photodetector prepared by electrochemical etching, Journal of inorganic and organometallic polymers and materials,2020

  • improvement thermomechanical properties of polylactic acid via titania nanofillers reinforcement, Journal of advanced research in fluid mechanics and thermal sciences,2020

  • Effect of tributyl citrate plasticizer on thermomechanical attributes of polylactic acid, Journal of advanced research in fluid mechanics and thermal sciences,2020

  • Mechanical study and thermal behavior of plasticied polylactic acid nanocomposites, Solid state phenomena,2020

  • UV-Exposure effect on the mechanical properties of PEO\PVA blends,Iraqi journal of scinces,2019

  • Undergraduate :-

  • Physics / first stage.
  • bio physics/ first stage.
  • environment science/second strages
  • environmental materials/third stages
  • crystals /third stages
  • Postgraduates Courses :-

  • crystals and defects\master degree
  • super alloys\phd degree
  • composites\phd degree
  • advance radiation techniques\phd degree
  • Many honors.
  • ……(Patent for preparing Hydrogel and Poly vinyl alcohol /Chitosamine chloride blends preparation and study of their properties for medical uses,2014
  • ……{Patent for preparation and high sensitive photodetecters form(PS/Si)composites modified by gold and silver nano particles in novel method),2017.
  • ----(Patent for preparation of SiO2/ PVC composites for packaging applications.),2018

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