Cinque Terre

Wasnaa Hatif Mohammed

Applied sciences Department

Assistant Professor

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  • B.Sc.: Biotechnology/ Biotechnology Dept., College of Science/ Al-Nahrain University/ Iraq/ 2000.
  • M.Sc: Biotechnology/ Biotechnology Dept., College of Science/ Al-Nahrain University/ Iraq/ 2003.
  • Biotechnology, Genetic engineering, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Tissue culture.
  • The Effect of Temperature, acidity (pH) and Culture Media on In Vitro Fertilization of Mice Ova. (MSc. Research 2003)
  • Extracting and characterization of a chromosomal stain from Black Mulberry (Morus nigra). Eng.& Tech. Journal, Vol. 28, No.7, 2010.
  • Purification of NADP-Isocitrate dehydrogenase from Red Kidney beans (Phaseolus vulgaris rogue). This research participated in the First Scientific Conference for Biotechnology Research Center/ Al-Nahrain University from 22-23 December 2008. Journal of Biotechnology Research Center (special edition), Vol.4, No.1, 2010.
  • Effect of Teucrium polium aqueous extract on mice sperm. Journal of the college of basic education, No. 57, 2009.
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  • STIMULATION OF AMYLASE ACTIVITY BY UV EXPOSURE AND POTATO PEELS. Plant Cell Biotechnology and Molecular Biology 21(59&60):28-36; 2020.
  • Undergraduate :-

  • Genetics/ second stage.
  • Biological control/ third stage.
  • Microbial physiology/ third stage.
  • Postgraduates Courses :-

  • Bioinformatics.

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