Cinque Terre

Nasser Abdullah Mohammed

Applied sciences Department


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  • Diploma in Environmental Tech. , Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 2011 Project research: Environmental Impacts in Helton region- Hamilton

  • High Diploma in Computer Aided Instruction, NCC, Baghdad, Iraq 1988 Thesis: Educational Package of Solving Simultaneous Equation using PC

  • Bachelor of Science in Physics, University of Baghdad, College of Education, Iraq 1984

  • Master of Science in Materials Science, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq 1992 Thesis: Mechanical Properties of Composite Material (UP/GF)

  • PhD in Nanocomposites, University of Putra UPM, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia 2018 Thesis: Physicochemical properties of GO/NBR rubber nanocomposites .
  • Nanocomposites polymers

  • Environmental technology

  • Materials Science – Applied physics and Computer Aided Educational

  • Carbon nanotubes/paraffin wax nanocomposite for improving the performance of a solar air heating system NA Habib, AJ Ali, MT Chaichan, Thermal Science and Engineering Progress 23, 100877, 2021

  • Characterization of Thin Films of Graphene Nanosheets Prepared with Low-Cost Technique K Noor, H Nasser, M Adi, IA Abdul Hussein Journal of Physics Conference Series 1795(1):012061, 1795(1):012061

  • The influence of multiscale fillers on the rheological and mechanical properties of carbon-nanotube–silica-reinforced epoxy composite S Rahmanian, AR Suraya, B Roshanravan, RN Othman, AH Nasser, Materials & Design 88, 227-235

  • Elastomeric Nanocomposite Based on Exfoliated Graphene Oxide and Its Characteristics without Vulcanization NA Habib, BW Chieng, N Mazlan, U Rashid, R Yunus, SA Rashid Journal of Nanomaterials 2017

  • Influence of dispersion graphene oxide in a synthetic rubber on the durability and thermal stability of the rubber nanocomposite H Nasser, C Buong, D Balkes, S Zaid Conference Paper 6

  • Effect of Alcohol ratio and reaction temperature on the biodiesel production from used cooking oil AA Al-Tabbakh, NAM Habib, AA Mohammed Journal of Engineering

  • Using Image Processing Technique - Spatial Domain Method in a way to calculate the Volumetric Fraction of a Composite Material (Resin/Fibers), STCASSUT Nasser A.M. Habib- Material Science and Nagham J. Shukur, Journal of Education College 89 (21), 249-264

  • Creep in LDPE polymer, between mechanical property and usage environment NAM Habib Journal of basic education college 2 (2013), 198-208

  • Preparation a Composite Material (UP/Cann F) with Evaluation Its Toughness Under the Influence of Temperature and Humidity. Nasser A.M. Habib - Applied Science School, Amer A. Mohammed Anbar Journal for Engineering Sciences (AJES) 5 (2), 198-208

  • Applied Science School, University of Technology, Baghdad-Iraq 2011-Cont.

  • McMaster University- Nursing school, Community Health project, Canada 2010-2011

  • Environment Technology, Mohawk College, Ontario, Canada 2008-2010

  • Physics Division, University of Toronto Scarborough , Ontario, Canada 2004-2005

  • Faculty of Art & Sciences, University of Al-Juffra, Hoon-Libya 1996-2003

  • Faculty of Education, University of Sana’a, Yemen

  • Applied Science School, University of Technology, Baghdad-Iraq 1992-1994

  • Mechanics and Metallurgy & Production Depts. ,University of Tech., Baghdad 1989-1992

  • Undergraduate :-

  • Polymers (level 3)

  • Composites (level 4)

  • English courses (New Head Way) level 4 and 3)

  • Nanotechnology (level 3)

  • Postgraduates Courses :-

  • Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund (OSOTF) Award, 2010
  • Society of Tribology and Lubrication Engineers Bursary (STLE), 2010
  • Mc Questen Community Centre “Citizen of the Year Nominee”, 2009
  • HOTZ Environmental Academic Award, 2008
  • Several certificates of participations and appreciation from Libya, Canada, Iraq and Malaysia

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