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Teaching experience : The first job I took before got my master degree in April 2006 was tutoring principles of composites at materials branch laboratories , I worked the first four years at college in a job as an assistant lecturer in materials science branch laboratories. I gave lectures in polymer, composite materials, ceramics . I also gave tutorials with professors in many laboratories for postgraduate students especially vacuum technology laboratory and polymeric composite materials laboratory. After getting my academic promotion in 2010.That motivated me to do extra preparation for lectures. So, the department trusted me to give theoretical lectures in important subject for undergraduate students which is (chemistry of polymers).Moreover, I gave tutorial lectures in geometrical drawing for undergraduate students. The main topics that I taught students in laboratories are general concepts related to materials science and engineering. Moreover, I was the supervisor for two undergraduate students when they wrote their project of graduation. Their project was about preparation of a polymeric material and study its mechanical properties under the influence of natural conditions. During my work in university, I was subjoin in course of( teaching methods and learn by computers) for two weeks which gave me valuable information about how to teach and deal with students psychologically and the role of computer in learning. I was a member in a committee of testing the quality of plastic pipes. I was participated in many conferences such as (nanotechnology conference for last two year). I was participated in symposium of materials branch in my department and I received an appreciation certificate. Moreover, I was a member of committee of social activity ( this committee's role is to help academic staff in my department who need help such as financial support if anyone need money for marriage or for therapies ,.Moreover, the role of this committee is making a small parties for person who get an academic promotion to encourage him/her for more academic achievments. I was enjoying this job beside my major job which is teaching and researches . Recently I recieved sereveral certificate from EDX and Coursera

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Mater degree in MaterialsScience


List of Published Papers 1- The Effect of Annealing Temperatures on optical and Electrical properties of PbTe thin films (extracted from mu thesis). Vol. 25, No. 10., 2007. Journal of Engineering and Technology. Baghdad. Iraq. 2- The Edition effect of natural fibers on polymeric materials and study some of thermal and mechanical properties . Vol.13., No. 1., 2010 .,pages(84-90). Journal of Al- Nahrain Science.(Shared research). 3- Influence of natural Fiber on the mechanical properties of Epoxy Composites. Vol.28, No.17.2010. Journal of Engineering and Technology. Baghdad. Iraq. 4- Effect of Kevlar fibers on the mechanical behaviour for some of Epoxy chopped carbon fiber composites. Vol. 52., No.1., 2011., Pages(48-53). Iraq journal of Science. 5- Effect of grain size on the structure and properties of coir epoxy composites. SN Applied Sciences. 2020-07 | journal-article-springer


several certificate from EDX and Couresera