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Noor Sabah Sadeq

Applied sciences Department


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  • B.Sc.:. Physics / Technology University/Baghdad/Iraq /2003

  • M.Sc: M.Sc. Materials science / University of Technology / School of Applied Science-Baghdad, Iraq 2006. - Title of M.Sc. Dissertation: “A study on Some Physical properties of PbTe Thin Films ".

  • Natural fiber composites/ Mechanical and physical properties of Materials/ Characterization of Materials/ Thin Films.
  • The Effect of Annealing Temperatures on optical and Electrical properties of PbTe thin films (extracted from mu thesis). Vol. 25, No. 10., 2007. Journal of Engineering and Technology. Baghdad. Iraq.

  • The Edition effect of natural fibers on polymeric materials and study some of thermal and mechanical properties . Vol.13., No. 1., 2010 .,pages(84-90). Journal of Al- Nahrain Science.(Shared research).

  • Influence of natural Fiber on the mechanical properties of Epoxy Composites. Vol.28, No.17.2010. Journal of Engineering and Technology. Baghdad. Iraq.

  • Effect of Kevlar fibers on the mechanical behaviour for some of Epoxy chopped carbon fiber composites. Vol. 52., No.1., 2011., Pages(48-53). Iraq journal of Science.

  • Effect of grain size on the structure and properties of coir epoxy composite. SN applied sciences/SN Applied Sciences (2020) 2:1191 | Nature Switzerland AG 2020

  • Structural, surface morphology and optical properties of annealing treated Copper Phthalocyanine doped Fullerene (CuPc: C60) thin films Ameer F. Abdulameer1, Lamiaa K. Abbas1, Noor S. Sadeq2 and Zaid G. Mohammadsalih3 Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 1795, 2nd International Conference on Materials, Laser science and Applied physics (ICMLAP) 2020 9-11 November 2020, Baghdad, Iraq Citation Ameer F. Abdulameer et al 2021 J. Phys.: Conf. Ser. 1795 012068

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  • Modern Physics / second stage.
  • English Language/ third stage.
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