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Applied Siences, University of Technology/Baghdad Languages spoken: Arabic –English Ph.D. Applied Mathematics Acharya Nagarjuna University 2019 MSc. Applied Mathematics University of Technology 2012 BS Department of Mathematics University of Technology 2007 Scientific interests Dissemination of research and study in the field of image processing and supervision of master’s students in this field

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• PhD. From AL-mustanserya university in 2015 MSc. from technology university in 1999 BSc. from technology university in 1999


ceramic materials, refractory, foam brick, ceramic filter.


WEX-HIL: Design of a Wireless Extensible hardware-in-the-loop real-time simulator for electric vehicle applications 
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Design of a Real-time Simulator Capable of Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation for an Automated Collision Prevention (ACoP) System for an Autonomous Electrical Vehicle 


CALCULUS, Numerical Analyses , computer , Artificial Intelligent


1- Acknowledgment from university leader in 4/9/2012 (number24/655) 2- Certificate of participation Conference second feminist / Baghdad University College of Science for Girls in 26/3/2013 3- Scientific excellence certificate from Department of Applied Sciences in 2014 4- Acknowledgment from university leader in 5/5/2015 (452) 5- Certificate Seminar on recent developments engineering science and its computational applications (RDESCA), 2016. 6- Certificate Seminar on recent advances in algebra, 2016. 7- Certificate Seminar XXVI national conference on recent advances in mathematics, image processing by using by using DLWT2017. 8- Certificate life member by the council of the Andhra Pradesh society for mathematical sciences, 2017. 9- Certificate national seminar on mathematics, Laguerre wavelet and its programming, 2017. 10- Certificate international conference on applied science and technology (ICAST-2018), application of the DLWT. 11- Certificate UGC- Sponsored international workshop on research methodology and r-programming, 2018. 12- Certificate life member of the national level association entitled, association for improvement of maths education, 2018. 13- Certificate recent trends on mathematical sciences and its applications (RTMSA-2019), title paper, Principle of Signal and Image Processing By Using Discrete Laguerre Wavelet Transform With Medical Applied. 14- Thanks from the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research 17/11/2019