Cinque Terre



Aqeel Shakir Ghani Al-Adili

Applied Science Department


Dean of Applied science

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1-B.Sc. of Engineering Geology 1987 - University of Baghdad

2- M.Sc. of Hydrology and Environmental pollution 1992 - University of Baghdad

3- Ph.D. of Geotechnique and Soil Mechanics 1998 - University of Baghdad.


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prof. at civil engineering dep., Dean of Petroleum Technology from 2018-2019, and now Dean of Applied science



M.Sc. Geochemistry and water pollution, Ph.D. Geotechniques

Geotechniques, Soil Mechanics, Water Resources, Environmental Pollutions, Materials

About 60 published papers
Awards : 3 From Germany, 1 from Australia, 1 from the Netherlands