Cinque Terre

Rabea Qassim Nafil

Applied sciences Department


عنوان البريد الإلكتروني هذا محمي من روبوتات السبام. يجب عليك تفعيل الجافاسكربت لرؤيته.

  • B.Sc.: Science of Physics/ Physics Dept. / University of Al-.Mustansiriyah/ Iraq/ 1998.

  • M.Sc: Laser Physic / Institute of Laser for postgraduate study / University of Baghdad/ Iraq/ 2005.

  • Ph.D: Laser Physic / Institute of Laser for postgraduate study / University of Baghdad/ Iraq/ 2014.
  • Advance and nonlinear optics

  • Electromagnetism

  • Ultra short laser

  • Photonics

  • Rabeah Q. Nafil, Hussein A. Jawad," Generation of 629 nm Pulsed Laser Using an Optical Parametric Amplifier", Iraqi J. Laser A 6, 5-8, (2007).

  • Rabea Q Nafil, Monika Singh, AH Al-Janabi, RP Sharma, " THz generation by the beating of two high intense laser beams", Journal of Plasma Physics 79 (5), 657, (2013).

  • M. S. Majeed, Rabeah Q. Nafil, M.K .Dhahir, " Nanosecond laser ablation for PEM fuel cell scaled down", Optik 172, 855–860, (2018).

  • Munaf S. Majeed, Rabea Q. Nafil, R. k. Fakher Alfahed, " Laser improves biogas production by anaerobic digestion of cow dung", Baghdad Science Journal 15 (3), 324-327, (2018).

  • Rabea Q Nafil, Munaf S Majeed, Emad Talib Hashim," IMPROVEMENT ELECTROLYSIS OF WATER EFFICIENCY FOR HYDROGEN PRODUCTION USING STAINLESS STEEL NANOPARTICLES SYNTHESIZED BY LASER TECHNIQUE", Journal of Mechanical Engineering Research and Developments 42 (4), 20-22, (2019).

  • Rabea Q Nafil, Munaf S Majeed," Frequency doubling by nonlinearity of TiO2 nanomaterial", Heliyon 6 (3), e03649, (2020).

  • MUNAF S Majeed, Rabea Q Nafil, MARWA F Abdul Jabbar, Kadhim H Suffer," Preparation of ZnO Nanoparticles by 1064/532nm Laser Ablation and Studying the Effect of the Ablation Wavelength", Materials Science Forum 1021, 171-180, (2021).

  • Rabea Q Nafil, Hussein Thary Khamees, Munaf S Majeed," Identification the internal parameters for mono-crystalline solar module using Matlab-simulation and experimental ascertainment", Telkomnika 19 (3), 716-723, (2021).

  • Rabea Q Nafil, Munaf S Majee, Book: Thermodynamics and Energy Engineering/ Fuel Cells as a Source of Green Energy, IntechOpen, (2020).

  • 10- Patents 1. Laser Recruitment in Improving the Production of Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion of Manure waste 2. A new Method to Determinate Catalase Mimic Activity of MnO2 Nanoparticles

  • Undergraduate :-

  • Mechanic and Sound/ first stage./li>
  • English/ second stage.
  • Electromagnetism/ third stage
  • English / fourth stage.
  • Postgraduates Courses :-

  • Advance Optics.
  • More than 20 Acknowledgements and appreciation from the heads of the University of Technology, head of the Department of Applied Sciences, Iraqi Radioactive Sources Regulatory Authority, and Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control.
  • Best Research Award from: International Research Awards on New Science Inventions, 2020.