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    Description of the academic program and the study plan for the scientific branches

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Year Publisher Author Book Name NO
2002 Boston MCG Hill Tillery,Bill.W Physics Science 201
1977 Newyork:MCGraw Hill Taub,Herbert Digital Integrated Electronics 202
1974 New York:Plenum Press Chen,Franis F Introduction to Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion 203
1980 Oxford:Pergamon press Krause.F Mean field Magnetuoy Dro Dynamics and dynamy theory 204
1978 Newyork :Academic press Welford,W The Optics nonimaging Concentrators 205
1969 Newyork:pergamon press Davenport,William.H Hs Role and function in Human Society 206
1967 New Delhi:MCGraw Hill D.Ryder.Ph.D Engineering Electronics 207
1970 American:Artech House Smith ,Willam V Laser application 208
1987 Newyork:North Holland Azzam,R.M.A Ellposometry and Polarized Light 209
1981 America:Edward Arnold Owyang,Gilbert.H Fundation of Optical Wave gnides 210
1981 London:Edward Arnold Van T.Duzer Principles of Super Conductive Devices and Circuits 211
1968 Newyork:Roberte Berry,Robert.W Thin Film Technology 212
1997 Germany:Springer Verlaye Klingshirn,C.F Semiconductor Optics 213
1997 Newyork:McGraw Hill Spregel,Murray.R Schaums out Line Series Theortical Mechanics 214
1979 Newyork:United Nations Maxwell,Robert Enuironment and Energy Robert Max well 215
1969 London:Academic press Ross,Diecter Lasers Light Amplfires and Oscillators 216
1979 Oxford:Peramon press Chantry,G.W Submillimetere Waves and Ther application 217
1983 London,Academic press Stuart,R.V Vacuum Technology Thin films and Sputtering 218
1976 Newyork,Academic press Callaway,Oseph Quantum Theory of The Solid State 219
1979 Oxford Pergammor press Coppi,B Physics of Plasmas Close to Thermonuclear Conditions 220
1964 Newyork :Academic Press Sommer Feld , Arnold Optics Lectures on Theortical Physics 221
1983 London : Prontic Hall Wilson .J Optoelectronics An Inttroduction 222
1969 Newyork Scientif Secratary:L.Founda Contemporary Physics Trieste Symposium 1968 223
1985 Newyork:Mc Graw.Hill Birdsall,Charles .K Plasma Physics VIA Computer Simulation 224
1986 London Macmellan Reece Gordon MicroComputer Modelling by finite Diferance 225
1986 America:Nova Orayevaskiy A.N Research on Laser Theory 226
1967 Newyork:Mc Graw Hill  Spiegal,Murray,R Theortical Mechanicswith an introduction to Lagranges Equations and Hamiltanian Tuery 227
1987 Newyork:Academic press Wolnik,Hermann Optics of Charged Particles 228
1977 Oxford:Pergamon Press Marom.E Applications of Holgraphy and Optical Data Processing 229
1972 Newyork:Mc Graw Hill Spsegel,Murray.R Theory and Problems Statics in SI units 230
1996 Newyork:John Wiley Micheal,R.Hord Remote Sensing Methods and Applications 231
1985 Mirpublshers:Moscow Kubasov,S-Zaretsky Introducation to electomistry 232
1974 Addisonwesley:Amastardam Russell,M Wehr Physics of The Atom 233
1934 Academic Publica New Deihi Biswas,Sudduendn Topics in Algebra of Matrices 234
1975 Oxford:Pergamon press Akhiezer,A.I Plasma Electr dynamics 235
1980 Oxford:Pergamon Mann.W.B Radiactivity and its Measurement 236
1959 London:Langmans Tolansky,S Introducation To Atomic Physic 237
1980 Oxford:Pergoman Mann W.B Radiactivity and its measurement 238
1975 Oxford:Pregammon press Akhiezer.A.I Plasma Electro dynamics 239
1989 New York:John Wiley Stout,George H X-Ray Structure Determination 240
2004 Newyork : Prentic Hall Mathews John.H Numerical Methods using Matlab 241
1954 Newyork:McGraw Hill Zirrkle,Raymand.E Biological effects of X and Gamma Radiation 242
1989 oxford:programonpress Pozhela,Juras Plasma and current instabilities in Semiconductors 243
1979 Newyork:Johnwiley Jain,M.K Numerical Solution of Differential Equation 244
1969 Newyork:Academic press Kinglake,Rudolf Applied of optics and Optical Engineering 245
1980 New york,Pergamon press Max Born Principles of Optics 246
1958 SanFrancisco:Free man and Company John,Strong Concepts of Classical Optics 247
1986 oxford:programor press Bittenccort.J.A Fundamentals of plasma Physics 248
1970 Newyork ,North Holland Clavde Berge Graphs 249
1980 Newyork ,John wiley Alberty Physical Chemistry 250
2002 America Jon Willey Ziemer R.E Principles of communications system Modulatios and noises 251
1984 New york Consultants buren Kadomtsev B.B Reviews of Plasma Physics 252
1978 Moscow Physics Institue Academy of Science Academy of Science 1987 International conferenceon Plasma Physics 253
1983 New york Planumpress Chopra,Kasturl Lai Thin Film device Applications 254
1987 England,Puplishing Williamson The Making of Physicts 255
1987 Newyork Nova Markov.M.A The Physical Effects in The Gravitional Field of Black itoles 256
2004 Newyork Addision wesselly Hummel Joe Building application and componentwith visual  257
1996 American Prentic Hall Murphy Katy College Algebra 258
1993 Newyork ,John wiley Borsi Arthur Advanced Mehanics of Materials 259
2003 London Kiuwer Academic Publiser Filho,Watter leal Approanshes to Handling Enviro nmental Problems in the minity and metallurgical Regions 260
1974 German , Programon Koch,Ernat Eckhard Vacum Utravold radration Physics 261
1997 Newyork Planum press Drew Lawrence.J Undiscovered Problem and Mineral Resources 262
1975 Newyork:Academic press Bleuler.E Methods of Experimental physics 263
2003 America:JohnWilay, Spencer,james.N Chermistry Structure and dynamics 264
2000 Newyork:brooks lcole Ostdiek.Vernj Inquiry into physics 265
1979 Oxford:clarendon press Crank.J The Mathmatics of diffusion 266
1975 Newyork:Pergamon Howson.D.P Mathematics for electronic technology 267
1970 Oxford:pergamon press Edwards.R.A Physics for O.N.C courses 268
1989 London:World scientific  Cornaiiba.M Lectures on Riemann surfaces 269
1976 Newyork pergamon press Rogers.R.R Ashort Course Incloud physics 270
1993 Newyork:cataloging   Keiter.AEllon Inorganic chemistry 271
2003 Newyork:Marceldekkerinc Kaul,Ragni Hatti Isolation and purifation of Protens 272
2003 Marceldekker Cinar,Ali Batch fermentation Modeling Monitoring and control 273
1985 Newyork:Academic press Li,Tingye Optical Communication 274
1991 London:speringer stunel A.suleyman Transformation of measureon wiener space 275
1979 Moscow:MirPublishers Vladimirou.V.S Ceneralized functions in mathematical physics 276
1963 Use:Bell telephone, Denes.B The Speech Chain 277
1980 newyork:john wiley Wilson.J Elements of solid state physics 278
2002 Newyork:Houghton Kenelly.W.john Calculus concepts 279
1996 Newyork:Mc Grow Churchill V Ruel Complex variables and applications 280
2004 London:prentice Hall Ertel.john Interactive physics 281
1985 Newyork : cambridge Harper.P.g Physical mathematics 282
1988 Newyork:Cambridge Korner .T.W Fourier Analysis 283
1981 newyork:john wiley Buchdahl.H.a seventeen simple lectureson General relativity theory 284
1970 London:Addison Sandrs.D Modern physical theory 285
1995 Newyork:springer C.Herman Physics of semiconductor 286
1969 newyork:springer Krautkramer .H Ultrasonic testing of materials 287
1958 newyork:Dover publication  Kemble,Edwin.C The function ental principles of quantum mechanices with elementry applications 288
1963 newyork :W.A bengamin Friedel.S Metallic Solid Solution 289
1968 newyork :Mcgraw mehl,Rebort.F Principles of phase Diagrams in materials systems 290
1960 London:addition wesly Dicke,Robert H introduction to quantum mechanics 291
1983 Singapore:world scientific Armitage.S.G.M th jublle conference on hellum-4 292
1984 lansanne singapore Baldereschi,A- The physics of latel image formation insilver halidas 293
1977 newyork :springer verlage Munchen .g.Ehiers lecture notes in physics 294
1970 Newyork:netherlands Cahn.R.W physical Metallurgy 295
1968 Newdehli:McGraw Matthews.p.t ,F.R.S Quantum mechanics 296
1986 Britan:Scottishunirar Finlayson,D.M Localisation and interaction 297
1953 newyork mcgraw hill Morse,Philip.M Morse feshbach methods of theortical physics 298
1986 London :spring verlog Anderson ,A.C. Phonon Scattering in condensal matter v 299
1974 Us.A.D.reliold publishing Lops,Jose Letle Quantum mechanics Ahalf Century Later 300

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