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Publisher Author Book Name NO
1989 London,World Scientific Kerluuhe,F Emerging Nuclear Energy Systems 1989 101
1982 Newyork,harwood C.EBemis.Jr Laser innuclear Physics 102
1984 Newyork,Harwood Guidotti,C Collisions and Half.Collisions With Lasers 103
1987 America,Priuted Sklizov,G.V The Theory of Target Compression by Long wave Laser Emission 104
1986 Newyork,harwood Letokhov V.S Laser in Atomic Molecular And Nuclear Physics 105
1983 Newyork,North- Holland Scott,D.K Nucleus- Nucleus Collisions 106
1988 Newyork,Plenum press Bandrauk,Andre D Atomic and Molecular Processes With Short Intense Laser Pulses 107
1985 Newyork,Pergamon press Zigler J.F The Stopping and Range of ions in Solids 108
1988 Amarika,Iop Ffoster B Topics in High Energy Particle Physics 109
1980 Newyork,Pergamon press Gorbachev,V.M Nuclear Reactionsin Heavy Elements 110
1960 Newyork,Mcgraw,Hill Slater,John .C Quantum Theory of atomic Structure 111
1958 Newyork,Oxford University press Dimitrijev,Sima Understanding Semiconductor Devices 112
1985 Newyork,Plenum Ftitzch,H Quarks Leptons and Beyond 113
2002 Newyork,McGraw Hill Kasap,S.O Principles of electronic mate rials and Device 114
1960 Newjersey,Prentice.Hall Andrews,C.L Optics of The Electromagnetic Spectrum 115
1981 George,World Scientific Bertsch,George.F Nuclear Theory 116
1976 Newyork,North-Holland Brown,G.E The Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction 117
1987 America,O.S.A L.E.O Society I.E.E.E Laser in Material Diagnostics 118
1992 Newyork,Saunders Collage Publishing Serway,Raymond.A College Physics 119
1983 Amarika,World Scientific Borissov,M Optical and Acoustic Waves in Solid - Modern Topics 120
1930 Newyork ,Mc Graw Hill Edward,Arthur Atoms Molecules and Quanta 121
1986 USA,World Scientific Terazawa,H Particles and Nuclei 122
1979 Newyork,McGraw-Hill Edminister,Joseph.A Electromagnetics 123
1986 Macmillan Eduation Morris,Noel.M Electrical Circuits and Systems 124
1979 Newyork,Academic press Motz.H The Physics of Laser Fusion 125
1985 Newyork,Plenumpress D.Personick Fiber Optics Technology and Applications 126
1991 London,Prentice-Hall B.Howkes Laser Principles and Application 127
1995 Newyork,Springer C.Hermann Physics of Semiconductors 128
1981 Newyork,Pergamon BraunsteinM Biomass Energy Systems and The Environment 129
1996 NewJersey,prentice Hall G.Budinski Engineering Materials 130
1985 London,Macmillan M.JUsher Sensors and Transducers 131
1979 Newyork,Memllan Press Malcolme Introduction to Radio Chemistry 132
1986 Great Britain,S.U.S.S.P Hooper M.B Haser-Plasma interaction3 133
2001 Newyork,Sons,Inc Stacey .M Nuclear Reactor Physics 134
1986 Great Britain ,S.U.S.S.P Hooper M.B Laser Plasma interactions3 135
1988 Newyork,Elsevier Ballard,G.M Nuclear Safety 136
1985 Newyork,harwood Ryabov,E.A Multible Photon Infrared Laser Photo physics and photo Chemistry 137
1985 Germany,VCH Welz,Bernhard Atomic Absortion Spectrometry 138
1989 Newyork,Consultants Gabovich,M.D Ion and Atomic Beams for Controlled Fusion and Technology  139
1988 Newyork Prenticehall Saxby,Graham Practical Holography 140
1976 Newyork,Pergamon Blair,I.M Aspects of Energy Conversion 141
1982 Newyork,North -Holland  Verhaar,B.JWoude,A.Van Der International Conference on Nuclear Structure 142
1985 London,Chapman Hall Joffe,S.NAbsten ,G.T Laser in Medicine An Introductory Guide 143
1982 Newyork,Johnwiley Barone,AntonioPaterno,Gianfranco Physics and Applications of The Josephson Effect 144
1962 London,Addison Kaplan,Irving Nuclear Physics 145
1978 New York Academic press Ready,Johns Industrial Applications of Lasers 146
1986 New York ,Nova Kemeny,K.LWanner.J Laser Applications in Precision Measurement 147
1984 New York ,John Wiley Measures,Raymond.M Laser Remote Sensing 148
1998 Barlin,Springer Gonse,ulrich Laser-Beam Interductions with Material 149
1987 Newyork,Academic press Lotokhor,Vlodilen.S Laser Pholionization Spectroscopy 150
1987 Newyork,Hanser Publishers Legge,N.R Thermoplastic Elastomers 151
1980 London,S.h .S.P Cairns,R.A Sanderson,J.J Laser -Plasma Interactions 152
1983 London,Mcgrew-Hill Banwell,C.N Fundamental of Moleculen Spectroscopy 153
1981 Newyork,John Wiley Sze,S.M Physics of Semicordctor devices 154
1978 Newyork,Academic press Ready ,Sohn Laser Application 155
1980 Nework McGrawHill Souners,Richard Laser Operation equipmat Application and design 156
  Newyork,John Wiley Cloclaser ,Ray.A Semiconductor Dlodes 157
1983 New Jersey,Prentice_Hall Wilson,J Hawkes,J.F.B Optoelectronics An Introduction 158
1988 Newyork Press Murray,Raymond.L Nuclear Energy 159
1975 England,Adam Hilger Hughes,T.P Plasmas and Laser Light 160
1981 America,TAB Hallmark,Clayton L Lasers The Light Functions 161
1981 America,Edward Arnold Aliprantis Charambos DBurkinshaw Owen Principles of Real analysis 162
1989 Hongkong,Hall Hall,Christopher Polymer Materials 163
1988 Newyork ,John Wiley Milonni,Peter W Eberly,Joseph H Lasers 164
1985 Cambridge.university:Newyork Blackemore S.S Solid State Physics 2ed 165
1984 U.S.A World Scientific MCNamara.B Radiation in plasmas 166
1973 London:Addision wisley Strobel,Howard Chemical Instumenation:Asy Stamatic approach2nd 167
1988 NewYork:Plenum press A.Howie Surface and Interface Characterization by Electron Optical Methods 168
1980 Newyork:PlenumPress Sliney David Safety with Lasers and other Optical Sources 169
1983 Britain:Scottish university Cairns,R.A Laser-Plasma interaction 170
1989 Great Britan ttorthinemann Bolton Engineering Materials Technology 171
1970 London:Addison Wiesley Van Valk Materials Science for engineering 172
1983 London,Grahenm Ruttley,P Energy 2000-2020:WopldProspects and regional stress 173
1983 Newyork:John Wiley Zallen,Richard The Physics of Amorphous Solids 174
1986 LondonLAcademic press Joldsmid,H Proplems in Solid State Physics 175
1985 Naisarak:Khamn Publisher Bairag,N.K Atext Book of Advanced Solid Mechanics 176
1972 India:Tata Mc Graw Hill Arbil<S.S Transport Properties of Solids and Solid State energy Gonversion 177
1972 London :Combride university press Ziman ,J.M Princeciples of the Theory of Solids 178
1975 Australia : Pergamon press Buchdahi,HA Twenty Lectures on Thermodynamics 179
1992 NewyorkSaundery College Publishing SerwayRaymond,A College Physics 180
1983 9Julay Rema Consrglionazionale Bertoli,B.F General Relativaty and Gravitation 181
1978 Newyork John Wiley Fenerbacher B Photomemission and The Electronic Prorerties of Surfaces 182
1988 New york : Plenum press Palian A Simple Molecular systems at very high Density 183
1978 Newyork:Plenumpress Ostrowsky,D.B Fiber and Integration Optics 184
1981 Newyork Plenummpress Mavtellucci S Integrated Optics 185
1970 Oxford Pergamon Grindlay.J An introducation to the Phenomenological Theory of Ferroelectricty  186
1963 Newyork:MCG raw Hall ChurcHill,Rule.V Fourier Series And Boundary Value Problems 187
1962 LondonW.H.Freeman and Comp Corson Dale R Interoduction to electro magnetic Field and Wave 188
1957 NewJerssy Nor Compony Robertson.John.K Introduction to Optics Geometric and Physics 189
1975 NewJersey Pentice-Hall Good Stein,David L States of Matter 190
1988 London:Elseviers applied Science Bassett,D.C Devlopments in Crystalling Polymers 191
1996 London :World Scientific Keller.Ole Notions and Perspectivesof non LinearOptics 192
  Great Britan university Summer Cracknell,A.P Magnetism in solids some current topics 193
1981 Plenum press,Newyork Thy agarajan,K Laser Theory and applications 194
1978 Addison,Wesley London Oshea,Donald.C Introduction to lasers and Thier applications 195
1983 London:MCGraw Hill Rice,John.R Numerical Methods Software and Analysis 196
1984 Newyork,North Hand Krakow,William Electron Microscopy of Materials 197
1986 English Translation,MirpubLisher Moscow  Trasov,L Laser Phisics and application 198
1986 Macmillan ednation Morris,Noel.M Electrical circuits and systems 199
1977 Newyork :Springer Keyes R.J Optical and Infrared Detectors 200

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